A tale of two Senators

    On this, the day of Senator Arlen Specter’s return to his natural home, I want to share my experience with the honorable Senator from Pennsylvania. I was a wee tyke (ok, high school) in the mid-80’s and was a member of the Model Student Senate. As befits budding politicians, we took a junket to D.C. Amongst our action-packed fact-finding visits to the Smithsonian, the various | Read More »

    Cao VS Vitter? Really?

    Newt Gingrich is right. Republican campaign consultants are probably the dumbest, most short-sighted unimaginative pedestrian minds working in politics today. And, in hindsight, even while acknowledging the great job he did in 2004, I think I’ll lay some of the blame at the feet of Karl Rove as one of the major reasons why in recent years with his 50+1 strategy. On the surface, it | Read More »