House Rams Through Another Corporate Welfare Bill

    House Rams Through Another Corporate Welfare Bill

    We already have the Ex-Im bank, which ostensibly subsidizes foreign countries – often unfriendly ones – to purchase products sold by specific domestic companies.  But even as conservatives seek to abolish it, the House is sneaking through reauthorization of its sister agency – Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) – under suspension.  OPIC is in some sense the rear-view image of Ex-Im in that it subsidizes | Read More »

    “I Screwed Up” – Famous Last Words?

    Last night to David Letterman, John McCain explained his earlier cancellation to his Late Show by saying “I screwed up.” Funny? Maybe. Pertinent? No way. In the largest and most serious crisis in decades, McCain made the right decision to suspend his campaign three weeks ago, but his explanation for doing so has been woefully anemic. And though he could have done it with some | Read More »

    No Campaign Suspension Goes Unpunished

    Despite his initial rejection from the conservative base. Despite his poor speaking and debating skills. Despite his lack of funds. Despite sharing a party with an unpopular president. Despite his lack of media coverage all summer during a prolonged Democrat primary and despite the mainstream media acting as the public relations department of the DNC, John McCain still had a great chance to win this | Read More »