The Grave Robbers’ Union

    Stealing candy from a baby, mugging a blind person, and knocking over the disabled are examples of things so despicable,  we use these examples to describe a thoroughly immoral person.  This is because we have a norm in this culture which condemns victimizing the weakest in society for financial gain.  The Democratic Party has embraced this complete lack of a philosophical moral compass in order to move capital from | Read More »

    Democrats: The Republican Minority Stopped Us!!!

    It has begun. (Did it ever actually leave?) The Dems are blaming the Republicans for the fact that they couldn’t convince their own members to pass their earmark-laden Omnibus Spending bill and their Tax-Rate Extension bill in the House. First, Whiner-In-Chief Barack Obama misrepresenting who held up “tax cuts for middle-class Americans” (note NBC “journalist” teeing it up for Obama): < Yes… those evil Republicans, | Read More »