Snowden indicts America in Vanity Fair

    I think, in his dreams, he sees himself this way, but lacks the courage to stand up for his convictions (no pun intended).

    And Vanity Fair, that fortress of hard-hitting political investigative journalism, is buying in—or cashing in—on Snowden’s infamy, turning it into a “saga” of a man and his convictions.

    A country where such things are commonplace has itself become a post-conviction generation, where nobody stands up for anything, and everything becomes about the story, the drama, and the money. We are entertaining ourselves into stupefaction and banal apathy.

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    Gross Journalistic Malpractice

    After reading the Vanity Fair hit piece on Sarah Palin, I decided to write a letter to the editor of the magazine.  I’m not a regular reader of that collectivist rag, but I think from time to time they need to be reminded that if you are calling yourself a journalistic enterprise, you may want to act that way once in a while.  I was | Read More »

    Nobody Boos a Nobody

    To summarize baseball legend Reggie Jackson: nobody boos a nobody. That is definitely true in the case of Governor Sarah Palin. I don’t think I am going out on a limb here when I speculate that individuals who repeatedly attack her anonymously view her as a threat. And that includes members of the media hell-bent tearing down young Republican up-and-comers as well as some in | Read More »

    A friendly suggestion to former McCain campaign staffers.

    Background: Hot Air (Allahpundit), Hot Air (Ed Morrissey), The Weekly Standard, ConsiderThisNews (Pat Hynes), The Politico Since everybody else is piling on, let me add my own comment to the fray.  If you were one of the people who participated in that Vanity Fair hit piece, and we find out your name, you will be a net drag on any national campaign for the rest | Read More »