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    Tennessee Legislature Approves Article V Application

    Tennessee Legislature Approves Article V Application

    Thursday the Tennessee legislature became the first state in 2016 to approve an Article V application calling for a Convention of States to propose reform amendments to the Constitution that would reign in a run away federal government. Tennessee’s actions come weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott unveiled his Texas Plan to convince state legislatures around the country to join in the state based effort | Read More »

    Birther Challenge Against Ted Cruz Dismissed By Illinois Board Of Elections

    Birther Challenge Against Ted Cruz Dismissed By Illinois Board Of Elections

    The Illinois Board of Elections of Monday ruled on a birther challenge to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be on the Illinois March 15th primary ballot.  The board said that, “Further discussion on this issue is unnecessary.” As they rejected the challenge, as well as another separate challenge against Sen. Marco Rubio. Popular Grove lawyer Lawrence Joyce brought the challenge, he was one of the | Read More »

    TX Gov. Abbott Releases Texas Plan, Endorses Article V Convention Of States

    Speaking at a public policy meeting in Austin, Texas Friday Gov. Greg Abbott released his “Texas Plan” a 100 page package of 9 potential amendments to the Constitution that would restore liberty and revive the system of checks and balances in our federal government. Abbott’s plan echo’s that of nationally syndicated talk show host and author of the best selling The Liberty Amendments in that | Read More »

    Obama’s Final SOTU Preview: Guantanamo Closure Plan

    While others are looking back and writing about the year that was I’ve got my focus squarely on what is to come in 2016 and one of the first big things that will happen is President Obama’s final State of the Union address. Two of the major items that Obama is likely to cover during his remarks to a joint session of Congress on January | Read More »

    When Jeb Bush Drops Out Be Sure To Thank Donald Trump

    Think of Donald Trump and his campaign for President what you will but be sure to thank him in the coming days/weeks for being the driving force behind the denial of the Republican nomination to Jeb Bush. If fact, if any one person deserves credit for driving Jeb to drop out of the race, which is very likely in the near future, it is Trump. | Read More »

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s War On The House Freedom Caucus

    Since conservative opposition to forced him to resign, and with the subsequent withdrawal of his anointed successor from the Speakers race, Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger as stepped forward as a leader for the moderate establishment wing for the Republican Party in their assault against the House Freedom Caucus, the 40 or so Tea Party conservatives responsible for ruining the GOP establishments plans to continue | Read More »

    Rep. Kinzinger(R-IL) Doesn’t Understand Why Conservatives Oppose Continuation Of Ex-Im Bank

    At an energy policy gathering in Washington, DC Tuesday put on by The Hill newspaper and the National Energy Institute Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger talked about the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank(Ex-Im Bank).  The Ex-Im Bank’s authorization runs out at the end of the month and lawmakers are scrambling to find a way to keep the Bank, which provides loans to US businesses doing | Read More »

    Emails Show $20 Million Pay To Play Scheme Between College of DuPage and Gov. Quinn

    For The Good Of Illinois has unearthed evidence of a $20 million pay to play scheme involving the College of DuPage and Illinois Democrat Governor Pat Quinn. According to emails obtained by For The Good Of Illinois College of DuPage President Dr. Robert Breuder discussed with board of trustee members the bringing in of Gov. Quinn for this past May’s commencement address as part of | Read More »