Virginia Foxx is a strong voice for North Carolina values and is a champion of conservative ideas. She is well-known for fighting to rein in wasteful government spending, reduce the national debt and jump start economic growth. Virginia believes that we need to get government out of the way by slashing burdensome taxes and red-tape. She knows that low taxes and American innovation will put more North Carolinians back to work. Virginia represents North Carolina's Fifth Congressional District. She is a vocal leader on the issues of fiscal responsibility, government accountability and immigration reform. In 2008 she was ranked the most conservative Member of North Carolina's Congressional Delegation by the nonpartisan National Journal and has been called one of the "best and brightest" Members of Congress by the American Conservative Union. When she first got to Congress, Virginia demonstrated her ability to solve problems and get things done by being the first member of her congressional freshman class to introduce and pass a major bill. Her bill, which helps our men and women in uniform, was signed by President Bush on Memorial Day 2006. In 2008 she also pushed through legislation that reduces the cost of operating the federal government. Then in 2009 her legislation to halt the federal government


    Richard Hudson is the True Conservative Candidate for Congress

    From the diaries. The people of North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District have a tremendous opportunity to replace liberal Larry Kissell with a conservative Republican this year. There are five candidates running in the Republican Primary, but conservatives are rallying behind one individual– Richard Hudson. Richard is a life-long grassroots conservative who has served behind the scenes as District Director for Congressman Robin Hayes and as | Read More »