Despite Putin and Cohen, Trump Takes No Questions as He Leaves for the Weekend

Alex Parker

    And…we’ve got another affair. And…we’ve got another tape. Geez. Michael Cohen — President Trump’s longtime attorney — secretly recorded a discussion with The Donald two months before the 2016 election. The topic of conversation? Paying off another chick Trump used his wiley ways to seduce. Or maybe it was just his money. Fame doesn’t hurt either — just ask Billy Bush. Either way, | Read More »

    On Friday night, a former adviser of Hillary’s showed up at the White House for a fifth night of protest. To spice things up, Adam Parkhomenko brought dancers and a hip hop band. Yes — it’s that goofy. The event — known as “Occupy Lafayette Park” — stands in opposition to Monday’s Helsinki summit with Russia. Check out some video, complete with “Treason” | Read More »

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