Mom Charged with Larceny for Taking Away Daughter’s iPhone as Punishment

Alex Parker

Nothing to see here. Really. Today, while the nation is still being jerked around with the theatre of the absurd SCOTUS Held Hostage, Kavanaugh Accuser Ford Is NOT Serious About Testifying, we get word that those who thought this was a political operation? You were right. Christine Ford hired a lawyer who is a political pro for leftist causes and he quit the firm he | Read More »

Catering To The Fringe Now it is official. After 5 delays granted by Senate Judicial Committee Chairman Senator Grassley, including one last night into today to accept the offer to testify, we now know she is not serious. Ford’s attorney released at the 2:30 p.m. deadline today a response to Grassley that had these rhetorical nuggets in it. According to USA Today… “Dr. Ford accepts | Read More »

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