Trump Administration Leads on Drug Pricing – Again

Dan Spencer

    The Left keeps chanting that they “believe survivors.” The slogan, of course, makes no sense — the word “survivor” is loaded, suggesting the accuser is telling the truth. Therefore, they should be believed. It’s no less positioned than if the Right were to chant, “Don’t believe liars.” How has all the hypocritical believe-all-women-unless-it’s-against-Democrats insanity across the aisle affected people’s perception of accusers (the | Read More »

The “M Word” Is BAD!!!!! Occasionally when you write at an awesome place like I do here at Red State you get to opine about a subject you know a lot about or a person you know well. Let me tell you, I hit the jackpot here!!! As was reported in various places last week including here at Red State, Brooke Baldwin from CNN was | Read More »

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