Actions The Catholic Church Must Take to Ensure the End of Abuse

Sarah Quinlan

      Respectfully, I’m generally not a tremendous fan of Bill Maher’s perspective. He once compared parenting a mentally disabled child to owning a dog. Also, for the record: Alex Jones, who was recently banned from select social media (please read my article about that), has not lost his rights. “Free speech” doesn’t mean you have the right to say what you want on | Read More »

    Jim Acosta wonders why Trump considers the media the enemy. That seems strange, since one of his biggest reasons for that notion could be…Jim Acosta (see here and here). But even in an Acosta-less world, the theory would still have some merit. Press and major network news programs regularly vilify the President and — by extension — anyone who supports him (as evidenced here, | Read More »

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