Kamala Harris Proposes a Dream for America that Opposes Democratic Standards

Brad Slager

    On Saturday, patrons of the Nashville airport showed the NFL how it’s done. While actors and athletes invest themselves into divisive politics and activists devise new ways in which to protest the virtues of America, some want to show gratitude for the national home with which they’ve been blessed and those who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms it bestows. During the hustle | Read More »

Seton Motley | Red State | RedState.com

I’m not a globalist.  I’m a nationalist.  Why? Because I can only live in one nation at a time.  And I’d like the leaders of that nation to do what’s best for that nation.  Because I’m living in it.  And they’re (allegedly) representing it. I live in America.  I vote in American elections.  To elect American representatives – to represent America. I know a great | Read More »

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