BREAKING: The Florida Hand Count Is Official – Bill Nelson is Out of the Senate

Brad Slager

Here at RedState, we have expressed our disagreements with the policies and attitudes espoused by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. representative-elect for New York’s 14th district. However, I have nothing but praise for Ocasio-Cortez’ attempt to be more accessible by adding closed-captions to her Instagram video stories. Ocasio-Cortez recently revealed that she began using closed captions after advocates for the deaf community contacted her about tools she | Read More »

Condi For POTUS, Not For Cleveland. Cleveland Rocks…at publicity stunts. In what can only be described as one of the dumbest rumors to float out of a professional sports team since the history of such rumors started, Browns have taken the title finally of something. A team desperate for any P.R. The team that plays in the city known affectionately as the “Mistake by the | Read More »

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