The Acosta Effect: Trumps Suggests Turning Off the Camera During Press Conferences

Alex Parker

  It was a tortuous road to get here, but honestly it could have been longer. It was announced today that the statewide hand recount in the state of Florida was completed, and it has now been made official that Republican Rick Scott has defeated incumbent US Senator Bill Nelson. The contentious campaign had become a miasma of post-election vote dramatics and court cases. The | Read More »

Here at RedState, we have expressed our disagreements with the policies and attitudes espoused by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. representative-elect for New York’s 14th district. However, I have nothing but praise for Ocasio-Cortez’ attempt to be more accessible by adding closed-captions to her Instagram video stories. Ocasio-Cortez recently revealed that she began using closed captions after advocates for the deaf community contacted her about tools she | Read More »

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