The Most Insulting Part of Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Commercial Wasn’t Just the Stereotypical Depictions of Men

Brandon Morse

    Get ready for the next wave, and I don’t mean the one Billy Joel talked about. An estimated 2,000 Honduran migrants entered Mexico Tuesday, responding to the siren song of American Democrats bidding them welcome via legislative limpness and political pandering. The citizens of Mexico aren’t ready to send Thank You cards. Some residents of the country’s border towns expressed their displeasure with | Read More »

TOUCHDOWN ME How long until Kasich brings up that his dad was a mailman to Don Lemon? I have 22 seconds. In what was not considered stunning news at all today, former Ohio Governor and perennial P.I.A. to President Trump, John Kasich, announced he was going to CNN to offer his thoughts on stuff leading up to the 2020 Presidential cycle. Can you feel the | Read More »

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