“I Loved Her”: Rosie O. Alleges “Lesbian Undertones” in Hostile Working Relationship With Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Sister Toldjah

This is interesting given that a big talking point the last two days has been that AG Barr is corrupt because he ruled on obstruction in just two days. As the narrative goes, there’s noway he could have made an informed decision in such a short time frame so that must mean he phoned it in at Trump’s behest. See this conspiratorial report from MSNBC. | Read More »

Jeremy Richman, 49, the father of 6 year-old killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, has died of an apparent suicide. CNN reports that Richman’s body was found in his Connecticut office building on Monday morning and police say that, other than to say say it does not appear suspicious, they “will not disclose the method or any other details” of the death. | Read More »

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