Broward County Sheriff DIDN’T Respond to 39 Calls Regarding School Shooter — There Were MORE


It would appear the NeverTrump movement has found a new voice in the wilderness of insignificance in the name of conservative author and columnist, Mona Charen.  Her recent virtuous outburst at a CPAC panel discussion on the #MeToo movement where she drudged up old TMZ  tapes of Donald Trump thus equating Trump’s silly comments about grabbing a particular part of a woman’s anatomy with “credible” accusations | Read More »

California’s longtime U.S. Senator, Dianne Feinstein, won’t be receiving the endorsement from the state’s Democratic Party in her bid for re-election this year. The 84-year-old is running for her sixth term. While the Party won’t be endorsing Feinstein, they also won’t be giving it to her lead primary challenger, State Sen. Kevin de Leon, either. De Leon recieved 54 percent to Feinstein’s 37 percent, but | Read More »

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