Cold Facts to Snuff the Hot Takes About “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Brad Slager

Image under license from Shutterstock Good Monday Morning! RedState’s Water Cooler – December 17, 2018 – Open Thread Rep. Jackie Speier’s Take On Why Congressional Slush Fund Payments Differ From Trump’s Hush Payments Much debate – and vitriol – has followed the SDNY sentencing memo filed last week in the Michael Cohen case. Democrats are trying to make the case that Trump has committed | Read More »

The staff at the RedState Depqrtment of History are caffeine addicts. We get the headaches when we haven’t had our morning infusion and that isn’t very much fun. But this week, our anniversary isn’t based on coffee, but rather on tea, and a group of patriots who helped bring about the American Revolution through two groups which helped shape public opinion in the American colonies. | Read More »

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