Planned Parenthood Campaign Spending Exposes a Number of Democrat Lies

Jim Jamitis

  Turn on the AC, everybody. Talk of MS-13 is heating up. On Tuesday’s Fox & Friends, during a discussion of family separation and illegal immigration, host Brian Kilmeade claimed “a lot of” illegal alien children “turn into” MS-13 gang members. “We are $20 trillion in debt. We have classrooms that are overrun. We have teachers buying their own supplies. … But these kids get | Read More »

Seton Motley | Red State |

President Donald Trump has brought a most welcome America First approach to policy. Aside from the clowns still clinging to this obviously-fake-Democrat-concocted-and-paid-for Trump-Russia-collusion nonsense, it is obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that – no matter whether or not you agree with his policy positions – they are being made through this America First prism. Every policy Trump announces – is presented with | Read More »

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