Cory Booker Admits to Sexual Assault in 1992 Stanford Column

Jennifer Van Laar

Ed Whelan, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center, teased earlier today having evidence that would totally clear Brett Kavanaugh of the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who claims the prospective justice sexually assaulted her. Whelan, early in the evening, released his evidence, which, when finally laid bare, turned out to be an insane theory that someone else may have committed the assault. And | Read More »

Making Fonzi Proud I’m actually surprised the Hollywood kids did not do this during the confirmation hearings. Right before it was revealed that Christine Fords Attorney Says She Will Testify “With Conditions” news came out that actor and musician John Legend was featured in a ad coming out against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh going forward. His reasoning? Stuff. According to the Hollywood Reporter… After | Read More »

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