Paul Ryan Responds Firmly to Trump’s Helsinki Comments

Alex Parker

I read with great interest today the post here at Red State by my colleague Brandon Morse called Leftist Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Swiftly Wearing Out Her Welcome Among Democrats and I was horrified. How dare the Democrats pick on their new rising star? You JERKS. Just because she picked off Rep. Joseph Crowley who just happened to be waiting for Nancy Pelosi to leave so | Read More »

    The news is alive with reaction to President Trump’s press conference Monday in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin.  Among the opinionated chimes ringing toward Trump at the moment come comments by Barack Obama in South Africa.  Barry made several statements that, while not addressing the President’s behavior at the Russia summit, surely seemed to be cutting references to Trump. Giving the 2018 Nelson Mandela | Read More »

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