The RedState Box Office Report – Audiences Were Drawn to Holiday Animation

Brad Slager

One of the RedState Department of History’s favorite authors is the late Shelby Foote. The author of the epic three-volume series “The Civil War: A Narrative”, Foote was the star of Ken Burns’ ten-part series on the conflict which established his reputation as a documentary film maker. Foote covered virtually every aspect of the war, North and South – and one of the key governmental | Read More »

Following the humiliatingly low opening night attendance of “An Evening With The Clintons,” the ever-resourceful Bill and Hillary Clinton have turned to Groupon to sell tickets. One can purchase a $120.35 ticket for the bargain price of $50 for their May 4, 2019 show. Of course $50 will only buy you a mid-to-rear section seat, but given the low turnout for their Toronto event where | Read More »

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