School Bans Expensive Coats to Protect its Poorer Students’ Feelings

Alex Parker

    Highlighting a difference between Sheriff Trump and a-sight-less-than-stern Obama, a plan is set for the President to declare Iran in breach of the Chemical Weapons Conventions (check out Trump’s other cool moves here, here and here). ‘Cause he don’t play. The Obama administration held off on such action in favor of efforts toward the nuclear deal. In lieu of greater measure, it informed Congress | Read More »

    Big news in the Florida election. Again. It’s over. Again. Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded. Again. The intense race jetted forth more than a week after election day, and things have finally come to a halt — two days after the Thursday deadline for recount totals. That tally gained Mr. G only one net vote, bringing the margin to .41 percentage points. In | Read More »

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