Trump Plays “Lets Make A Deal” At 3pm On Day 29 Of The Shutdown


    Holy Mole-y. At the Arizona border this week, 376 members of the Central American migrant caravan attained Eureka! status: They illegally gained access to the U.S., via cottonpickin’ tunnels. Upon entering Monday, members were arrested. #FAIL. As reported by Fox News: The crowd of migrants, which reportedly consisted of 176 children, dug under a steel barrier in multiple areas, located to the east | Read More »

    As covered previously by RedState’s excellent streiff, President Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi’s classified trip to Afghanistan Friday. This was followed by a “leaking” of her Plan B to travel commercially. Say it ain’t so! In response, via a spokesman, Pelosi accused Trump of endangering her very life: “The fact that they would leak that we were flying commercial is a danger not only | Read More »

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