FBI’s Declassification Of Dossier Summary Comey Used to Brief Trump Shows Comey Lied About Most Vital Fact Of All

Elizabeth Vaughn

    Many issues transcend politics — or should — and, just like Alzheimer’s (about which I wrote recently — here) this is certainly one of them. A woman in Youngstown, Ohio claims a clinical trial has left her cancer-free. Denise Keenan was diagnosed in 2009 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’s been battling the disease ever since, with periods of remission interspersed. After almost a decade | Read More »

    In a surprise move, Planned Parenthood released an animated sex education video last month, wherein they say that mass of multiplying cells in a woman’s stomach is…a baby. The video asks, “Where do babies come from,” and it’s meant to instruct parents on how to answer that question. Personally, I prefer “From the stork.” Shockingly, during the 3-minute directive, at no point is | Read More »

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