Ted Cruz Heckled and Driven From a DC Restaurant


With all the oxegyn being sucked out of the country with the Kavanaugh story, Keith Ellison has been quietly trying to become the top law enforcement official in Minnesota and there is CREDIBLE evidence of him abusing women. Finally, a Democrat nationally noticed. On Monday Slate Magazine ran an article entitled “Keith Ellison Accuser Continues to Call for Examination of Abuse Allegations” ran. In it, | Read More »

========= ========= Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement. ========= ========= In no particular order of importance or significance, the following is a recap of some craziness from the Left: six short stories and one big moonbat. Moonbat of the Week ‘Tis a scary thought to contemplate what Rachel Maddow of MSNBC fame fantasizes about, but she let us into her | Read More »

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