Face It: The Polls Were Right

Neil Stevens

So one of the top FBI guys investigating the Russia stuff for Mueller hates Trump, as revealed in several text messages published yesterday. Sarah Lee posted about them last night. My first reaction upon reading them was that many of them sound a lot like my own private (and public) statements about Trump: “I just saw my first Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. Made me want | Read More »

Seton Motley | Red State | RedState.com

I have a bit of Economics 101 knowledge for the collectivist Left. You know who I mean. The Bernie Sanders “‘Free’ Health Care and ‘Free’ College for All” types. The people who think the United States’ $18 trillion economy magically came into being – totally devoid of the profit motive. That our 300+ million people are willing to put in 40-60 hours a week (and | Read More »

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