Judge Denies Trump Motion to Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit Filed By ‘Apprentice’ Contestant

Sarah Rumpf

You really can’t get something less biased with regards to those involved than science. If things are done properly, testing is done the same way across the board and then results are peer-reviewed. It really doesn’t matter if the scientist is of a particular race, religion, sexual identity- anything. The results are the results. Well, some academics can’t really accept that. Campus Reform report that | Read More »

On Monday Mississippi governor Phil Bryant signed into law the nations strictest abortion ban. The new law bans abortions after 15 weeks gestation. Many states ban abortion after 20 weeks. This makes Mississippi’s new law on life the toughest in the land. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization immediately launched a legal challenge. …the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, filed a complaint in United States District Court | Read More »

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