Ben & Jerry’s Doubles Down on Women’s March, Despite Anti-Semitism

Alex Parker

During Tuesday’s contentious Oval Office meeting with President Trump, Nancy Pelosi suggested several times that they move the debate into a private setting, rather than continue in front of reporters. At one point, Pelosi said “We came in here in good faith and we enter into this kind of a discussion in the public view.” Trump responded “It’s not bad Nancy. It’s called transparency.” When questioned | Read More »

    I recently wrote of Nancy Pelosi’s ignanimous correction of herself, to “Holiday,” after accidentally having mentioned Christmas (here). Moronity is in the air, folks. In Nebraska, principal Jennifer Sinclair, of the Manchester Elementary School, has banned Christmas. I mean just really freaking banned it. It’s gone. It’s out. No Christmas, or anything that seems like Christmas. And it’s odd — you wouldn’t expect | Read More »

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