BIG NEWS: Trumps Gets a Win in Russia Investigation

Alex Parker

In 2013, American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Rubin wrote, “With successive US administrations and European governments effectively ignoring Africa, Tehran sees many of Africa’s 54 countries as diplomatic easy picking in a zero-sum game for influence.” The United States now has a fourth successive administration ignoring Africa, save the engagement from the Department of Defense. As the United States Executive Branch goes, so goes the | Read More »

  In a further effort to stop murders by protesting the thing that does not cause murders, a high school student is heading up protests in Orlando and Washington, DC. 18-year old Amanda Fugleberg, a senior form Orlando, is planning to designate National Die-In Day on June 12th. According to a tweet, the die-in will hopefully also take place “anywhere with lethal legislative inaction.” National | Read More »

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