BREAKING: Special Counsel’s Office Says BuzzFeed Story Is “Not Accurate”

Joe Cunningham

    This is a good one. At Montreal’s Coope les Récoltes — a “solidarity co-op” restaurant/bar/venue — a woke comedian got rejected by the powers that be due to his offensive hair. GULP. The Left have officially eaten another of their own. Last Friday, gender-fluid (that would be, genderly flexible, not the fluid of a particular sex) comedian Zach Poitras hoped to take the | Read More »

    The Women’s March appears to be marching down the tubes. One more step downward occurred in an interview set to air Friday night, in which March leader Tamika Mallory refused to say the nation of Israel has any right to exist. Yes — you read that correctly: At a time when the left-wing organization’s been abandoned in droves — including by the Democratic | Read More »

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