President Trump Ponders Pulling Clearance of Unhinged CNN Contributor


    Rose McGowan, loud ‘n’ proud critic of Hollywood for its culture of sexual impropriety and salacious exchange, whistleblower of harassment and abuse, suddenly clammed up Monday. Previously, she was singing like a canary — about many things, including the actions of Harvey Weinstein related to women such as herself and fellow thespian Asia Argento. But there’s a new storyline in town. According to | Read More »

    Everyone knows Donald Trump is misogynistic, maniacal, murderous, sinister, and traitorous. Or at least, that’s what I saw on MSNBC. And in addition to those defining characteristics, the man who is simultaneously a giant dolt and an evil genius is also heavily, heavily racist — particularly against South Americans. Or at least, that’s what I heard on CNN. And that’s why you may | Read More »

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