World Trade Center Honors New Abortion-Up-Til-Birth Law, 1 Proprietor Closes for ‘Day of Mourning’

Alex Parker

    On Wednesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi. Nancy — that would be, the goofball who does things like this, this, this, this, and this. When asked by Fox News about Pelosi’s “political games” played over the State of the Union address — which is to say, her attempt to cancel the SOTU due to “security concerns” from the longest | Read More »

    As you may have heard, a woman at Arizona’s Hacienda Healthcare facility gave birth last month. Under, uh, unusual circumstances. The 29-year-old’s been a patient at the care center for almost her entire life. Oh, and she’s also been in a severely debilitated state for years. So… Somethin’ was afoot. Or, not a foot, but another part. Naturally, an investigation ensued. Well, Eureka: | Read More »

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