WTO Dispute: U.S. Slaps Back at International Response to Trump’s Aluminum and Steel Tariffs

Alex Parker

Earlier today, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a joint conference in Helsinki, in which Trump shamefully undermined the American intelligence community and praised Putin instead. It’s almost difficult to believe that just a few years ago, the Republican Party was warning the country about Putin and identifying Russia as America’s number one geopolitical foe. Now, sadly, many members of the Republican Party are | Read More »

    I wrote earlier of Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s castigation of Trump’s Russia summit press briefing (please read about that here). Now welcome to the stage MSNBC. On MSNBC Live, Evelyn Farkas, former Obama Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, called Trump’s behavior “outrageous” and “despicable,” calling for Republican “mass resignations.” From Moscow, NBC Chief Global Correspondent Bill Neely informed host Stephanie Ruhle | Read More »

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