General John Nicholson Correction: the U.S. Will Not Talk Directly with the Taliban

Alex Parker

    Why, media? Why, Democrats? Why, why, why???? Why must you respond to Trump’s actions with such breathtaking insanity, constantly? Sigh. Here we go… In response to Donald Trump’s less-than-great self-control at the news briefing capping a landmark meeting with Vladimir Putin (which I cover, along with the craziness, here and here), CNN asked the question Tuesday, “Is the country there yet?” Where is | Read More »

On Friday, while everyone seemed fixated on international affairs as Donald Trump made a poofy-haired streak across Europe, something notable occurred in New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo inched nearer to a statewide legalization of marijuana. After a speech in Brooklyn on a different topic, Cuomo told the press that, considering that surrounding states New Jersey and Massachusetts had given the green plant the green light, | Read More »

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