Trump Speaks, the Media Lies, and the Artist of the Deal Makes his Move

Alex Parker

  On Sunday, a very tweet-happy Trump defended the North Korea summit and castigated those denying its success. Many have suggested the Singapore meeting was weak on results, yet Trump pointed out that — thanks to the groundbreaking assemblage — Kim Jong-un agreed to end nuclear testing and set hostages free. By the way: have you considered how your life could improve by following Alex | Read More »

  Is the word “hypocrisy” missing from the Left’s dictionary? On Saturday, during curtain calls for Broadway’s A Bronx Tale, an audience member raised a “Trump 2020” banner. The stunt was surely retribution for Robert De Niro’s incendiary June 10th “F*** Trump” interruption of the Tonys. In response to the pro-Trump display, the show’s hair and makeup supervisor, Brian Strumwasser, performed a stunning online rendition | Read More »

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