Kira Davis: No One Is Asking What Is Compassionate For the Average American Citizen [LISTEN]

Kira Davis

Every so often, the RedState Department of History comes across something truly unique in its never-ending search for key anniversaries from bygone days. Today appears to be one of those days. While listening to old Artie Shaw recordings and getting down with its bad self in the office, the Department came across a truly unique anniversary. On this date in 1374, a portion of the | Read More »

  On ABC’s This Week Sunday, former homeland security advisor Tom Bossert claimed President Trump’s recent executive order will “survive three weeks.” Trump’s order collides with an Obama-era 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, which stopped family detention and demanded separation so as to prohibit children from being imprisoned. This is at the heart of the left-wing stupidity over the issue to begin with, dishonestly | Read More »

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