Mom Says Daughter Humiliated Santa Fe Shooter Just Prior to Her Murder

Alex Parker

  On Sunday, newly-minted president of the NRA Oliver North blamed school shootings such as the one in Santa Fe Friday on a “culture of violence” and…Ritalin. Talking to Fox News host Chris Wallace, North said the problem isn’t guns and the solution isn’t gun control: “We’re trying like the dickens to treat the symptoms without treating the disease.” North is right about that. The | Read More »

Another franchise shows signs of life. In a very choked month of heroes, another one debuts this weekend, with the expected heroic numbers. A number of other titles also premiered, but honestly, who cares? There are comic book heroes afoot! A vulgar comics anti-hero from Marvel, via Fox, returns to fandemonium and aided by a well-executed ad campaign. Meanwhile all the heroes that were mocked | Read More »

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