Watch: Virginia Sheriff Confirms His Department Will Not Enforce Unconstitutional Anti-2A Laws

Brandon Morse
Was Martin Luther King Jr. Fighting for a Colorblind Society?

  On Martin Luther King Jr. day, we honor the accomplishments of the most recognized civil rights leader in American history. We acknowledge the struggles of black Americans who bled, marched, and protested their treatment by a society which was ostensibly built on the notion that “all men are created equal,” and endowed by our Creator with “unalienable rights” that should be protected by the | Read More »

Judicial Watch Files FOIAs on Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s 'Alleged Monitoring of President Trump’s Family, Lawyer and Journalists'

Marie Yovanovitch should be afraid of what will be uncovered, as James Comey isn’t around to protect her anymore

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