SJW Creates Web Series to Teach Kids Racism and Sexism

Brandon Morse
Seton Motley | Red State |

The awful California wildfires that have killed dozens of people and destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property – are absolutely atrocious.  It is such an inconceivable loss. What makes the devastation and destruction additionally awful – is the awful, wasteful non-necessity of the massive magnitude. California Failed to Sufficiently Manage its Forests: “From the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur to Warner Valley | Read More »

Dedication plaques on benches are a common sight, but one new addition to a bench in a park off a busy street in the London neighborhood of Wanstead has residents confused as to who put it there and appalled at the metal plaque’s subject: Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Somebody in the London town of Wanstead put up a plaque "in loving memory" to Saddam. They | Read More »

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