Refuse to Address Someone By Their Gender Preference? At U of MN, That Might Get You Expelled…or Fired

Kimberly Ross

YEAH, it’s over. Thankfully it is over. The 2018 World Cup is over and France beat Croatia 4-2 in what can only be described as a typical Soccer game. People ran up and down the field, fell down, and acted like they had been murdered. The only thing I found interesting about this was that during the closing ceremonies the President of the World Soccer | Read More »

You Amuse Me Earthling Maybe the minority leader of the House of Representatives got her Ryan boys mixed up and thought she was talking about Paul Ryan and not Tim? Maybe. In a lengthy Q & A with Rolling Stone (Which I suggest you read), when asked about Tim Ryan from Ohio, who ran against her for Leader in 2016, and Seth Moulton’s calling for | Read More »

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