On Saturday, retired Lt. General McInerney appeared on Fox News, where he issued a dire and frightening warning about an apparent imminent threat to the United States. Citing an as-yet unpublished book by an unnamed “major news network’, the General predicts an upcoming “earth-shattering” revelation that foreshadows a major event ahead of or on September 11th of this year.

Video courtesy of Digitas Daily

Just before the above clipped portion, FoxNews host Uma Pemmaraju and Lt. General McInerney discussed various bits about border security, the threat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the relation of the issues.  Pemmaraju then asked the retired Lt. General what his sources were telling him. Then this happened …

On the 7th of September, a major news network and a major publishing network are going to put out a book, and it is going to be earth shattering of what’s happening and what happened. the fact is we may even see a 9/11/14 mh-370 resurface again. We should be prepared for anything, we should go to DEFCON 1, our highest state of readiness and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11.

This … Well, this has never happened. The United States has never gone to DEFCON 1 for the simple reason that it would mean that Nuclear War is imminent. The closest we have come is DEFCON 2 and that was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If what McInerney’s people are telling him is true, and we really do need to go to DEFCON 1, then the excrement is on an imminent course of impact with the rotary wind device.

Unfortunately, we will all just have to wait and see. When Pemmaraju asked McInerney for more details on the bombshell report he is drawing his concerns from, he balked. “I can’t give you any more than what i’ve just said. but it is going to be extremely import and America should take notice. We are less safe today than we were six years ago.”

Shortly after the segment aired, Uma Pemmaraju replied to me on twitter with a note to stay tuned in around the September 7th time frame for more on this story.


During the segment McInerny went on to note that Lt. General Mike Flynn  “has pointed out, they  have almost doubled the radical islamic organizations in the last six years and probably a 30% increase in the force structure.” 

Considering the weakness that the United States has displayed on the international stage with regard to ISIS, it may be a safe bet that it attempts to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11 with a mass casualty attack of its own. Hopefully the people at the NSA, CIA, DHS, DOJ, DOD and other alphabet agencies, meant to help protect our nation rather than pester its people, are looking into these threats and nothing will happen.

That said, I don’t know when I last heard a retired general go on television and beg for DEFCON 1.

We live in interesting times.