Fox News reporter Leland Vittert had some questions for Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Thursday. Unfortunately for the journalist, his attempt to ask those questions was thwarted by the Mayor and her entourage, which consisted of BPD officers and, you bet, the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Rev. Al walked ahead of the mayor, speaking on her behalf, and telling the journalist from Fox News that he could ask questions later at a press conference. A confrontation ensued, during which the Fox News journalist was physically shoved away. The press. Shoved away from asking questions of a government official. By police and an MSNBC television host.

Of course, Sharpton is not the only civilian Rawlings-Blake has brought along to her conversations with the press.

Al Sharpton is the host of Politics Nation on MSNBC, a putative news network. His show is marginally part of the press. So why is he trying to prevent the press from asking questions?

We know the answer of course. Like all of MSNBC, his role is gatekeeper and press release reader. He and his network are the press arm of the DNC and other, similar extremist groups. This is merely a recent and blatant example of what is, essentially, MSNBC policy.

Oh and, uh, for the doubters. Just listen to what Sharpton says. “At the press conference we will answer all questions.” WE. They are of a piece.