On the Dana Loesch Radio Show today, Governor Scott Walker addressed the made-up controversy over his non-controversial remarks, first pointed out by Loesch and which we wrote about here at RedState. His response is perfect.

“Walker Derangement Syndrome’ is absolutely correct. The left and the media (standard “but I repeat myself” joke goes here) will relentlessly latch onto stories that they think paint Republicans as monsters, particularly if it can be used as a demographic wedge. Republicans hate minorities. Republicans hate immigrants. Republicans hate gays. Republicans hate abortion. Well . that last one is actually true, for the most part. And the way it spreads is utterly predictable. For this so-called scandal, and future ones, Dana Loesch mapped out the anatomy on her Blaze TV show Thursday.

As I said yesterday, this kind of confirmation bias reporting is going to be the rule, not the exception, all the way through 2016. The leftists have had their taste of a fellow traveler in office, and despite his miserable failures, they just want more, more more.