British writer Julie Bindel has released a new video via The Guardian this week that should be seen as ominous foreshadowing for those of us here in the United States.

“Banning people from publicly stating their views does not make those views disappear. […] What it does do is blind us to the existence of the attitude that [the censored person] articulates. Let us hear the arguments put forward by those with whom we disagree so that we can expand our knowledge and show rational resistance. This problem is getting worse and worse. We’re in danger of making censorship the standard response to any view which offends.”

As with most things leftist, socialist, or just plain bad, the extreme edge is in Europe first. But that awfulness is an export, and the biggest importer remains the United States.

How timely that we saw the hilarious video from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog yesterday. A silly comedy piece, and yet so revealing about what we are teaching our children in colleges and universities across America. And we know what happened with safe spaces and other ridiculous student demands in the last year.

And how timely that last night, Donald Trump won in New Hampshire. Trump is the symbol of anti-PC in this country, for better or for worse, and for many of his supporters that is one of his chief selling points. But while the silver lining of that is that we have a movement of resistance, the dark cloud is the fact that things are so bad already that we have people picking up a Trump banner just to fight back.

Britain tried to ban Trump from their shores. The absurdity is astounding.

I wrote this week about a new short film project that is fighting back against the forces of that insane brand of feminism that views being a male as inherently criminal. This too is a silver lining/dark cloud. Good that we have resistance. Bad that it has gotten this bad.

But it could be worse. Here we have people voting for Trump. In Britain they want him silenced. Here we still have comedians who aren’t afraid to challenge the PC police (Though recently, some have been shamefully cowed.). There the fear of offense is a visceral reality.

Britain banned ads featuring hot models because fat people might feel bad.

It is worse there. But it is getting worse here. We should see that video not just as an immediate warning to our friends in the United Kingdom. We should see it as a warning here, too. Walk no farther down this darkened path. It is, as I said, a timely warning. It’s already starting.

Do not be blind.