Rev. Franklin Graham, son of legendary evangelical pastor the Rev. Billy Graham, posted on Facebook today attacking Donald Trump’s position on the North Carolina bathroom bill, one that Trump in typical fashion later tried to waffle on.

Graham has not endorsed anyone in this election, stating instead “let God tell you to who to vote for.” Today, in his own measured way, he absolutely destroys Trump’s position as immoral and unwise and not from God. Ouch.

Outstanding. Well-crafted, on point, and most of all, totally correct.

Graham is not just a preacher but head of international humanitarian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse. He is also a strong Christian leader and someone I personally admire. I’ve written about him, and about Samaritan’s Purse, many times. In my opinion, he is wisely withholding making a primary election judgement, but clearly prefers other candidates to Donald Trump. This is because Donald’s fake Christianity and liberal values shine through time again, as they have this time.

This bathroom controversy is the perfect example of Donald’s New York Values. Are those your values?