TMZ reports tonight that actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested at a protest in New York City for allegedly punching a Trump supporter who “crashed” the event.

NYPD officers hauled Shia LaBeouf away in handcuffs from his marathon protest site in NYC … after he got into it with another protester.

The arrest happened right in the middle of Shia’s “He will not divide us” live stream … which has been going on since President Trump’s inauguration. Cops tell us a guy walked in front of the mounted camera and said something — possibly regarding Trump — but whatever it was, Shia got pissed.

This “he will not divide us” cultish gathering has been going on for weeks, and it’s creep-city watching Shia’s … well, I don’t know. Friends? Supporters? Brainwashed automatons? In any case, here’s the clip.

I guess he divided them.

As for the arrest, apparently, Shia “grabbed for the guy’s scarf, and allegedly scratched him in the process.” Uh. Yeah, no comment. But ABC reports that he was charged with assault.

Everything is weird now. I just thought you should know that. The world is unhinged.