It would all be funnier if none of it was true.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe “Government Motors” is over. Maybe, once Treasury sells off its remaining shares, GM will magically become a pioneer of free market industry, worthy of its storied legacy. Maybe, just maybe, GM will begin to appeal to anti-bailout conservatives & libertarians again one day. Take, for example, GM’s new Chevy Silverado commercial, “Strong”:


Doesn’t it make you feel warm? “He,” whoever he is, shows up to work on time! And he’s monogamous! He has a barn, and he works on a farm and stuff! You can totally trust him – he’s steady!  Like a Chevy truck, obviously. Nashville artist Will Hoge, a hip, edgy, self-styled musical pundit, recorded the music for the ad.

‘Murica, y’all.

GM knows conservatives are a huge target market. That’s why they sponsored a “Free Enterprise tour” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this summer (which was rightly mocked by the National Legal and Policy Center), and that’s why they made this ad. I’m curious what readers think: are you more or less likely to buy a GM truck because of the GM bailout?

If you’re less likely, share this. If you’re more likely, sound off in the comments below. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Otherwise, consider this an open thread. For old time’s sake, here’s a parody ad Chris Loesch and I recorded. It’s called “GM: The Deadbeat of America” and, at least for me, it’s the image GM continues to give me of themselves.  A formerly great company, with a great history, that got in bed with the government and hopes we won’t hold it against them.

Sorry.  I do.