'Dixie Chicks of Football' Colin Kaepernick May Subpoena Trump


Well, this is odd: Colin Kaepernick’s legal team is reportedly planning to shove the President of the United States into his court skirmish with the NFL.

Lawyers for the fallen quarterback and Supreme cops-are-pigs-socked Purveyor of Misinformation — pictured with his mother, above — are expected to subpoena Trump, VP Mike Pence, and other officials — in the words of Yahoo Sports — “familiar with the President’s agenda on protesting NFL players.”

Kaepernick’s attorneys aim to expose Trump’s influence on the league during the former 49er’s free agency.

Before any subpoenas can be made, an arbitrator must first rule that the potential testimony would be relevant to a dispute between the league and the players union.

If everything moves forward, the issue of whether a sitting president can be compelled for a deposition will be raised. Trump could simply ignore the subpoena, leaving the justice the option to enforce it.

Kaepernick has fallen away from the spotlight, but he doesn’t seem to be going quietly.

The Milwaukee native singlehandedly and dimwittingly took down the National Football League, by beginning a protest against the National Anthem in order to oppose systemic, murderous victimization against blacks by the police on a large and national scale. Unfortunately for the moron, he forgot to first discover whether such a thing existed, which it did not. Fans were not impressed, and they left in droves.

Kaepernick went on to become the Dixie Chicks of football: in 2007, the Chicks made a “comeback” record called Not Ready to Make Nice. The album continued its stance against George Bush, and as such, it won the Grammy in all applicable categories — five in total. Other awards came, and from the left-wing media, it garnered immeasurable praise. Rolling Stone placed it in the top 80 records of the decade. Oh — and nobody gave a crap.

Similarly, since his acquired position in the war against Trump, Kaepernick has been french kissed regularly by Hollywood and the media. However, when it comes to football, he’s hasn’t quite made out.

At least he has plenty of time. To listen to the Dixie Chicks. No one else is.


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