Here’s a powerful difference. Two scenarios, submitted for your approval (that’s a Rod Serling quote):

  • A Democrat is elected. Republicans hate it. They trash-talk the President for four years and try to get a Republican elected next time.
  • A Republican is elected. Democrats insist he wasn’t rightfully elected. They claim he isn’t really president. They protest his occupation of the White House. And, oh yeah — he’s also Satan, Hitler, the Candyman, Nosferatu, the Big Bad Wolf, The Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Rumplestiltskin, Snidely Whiplash, Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Jason, and the guy who invented speech-to-text.

Notice a difference? Why must this be? Why must the Left have such a breathtakingly immature approach to losing? It makes them look…well, pitiful.

Don’t ask Rosie O’Donnell why — she’s not exactly an objective observer.

In fact, the former co-host of The View was in front of the White House Monday night, performing musical selections with Broadway actors, in an attempt to interrupt the President’s sleep.

Let’s revisit that “maturity” thing again…

Why, why, why????

I’m going to tell you how she greeted the crowd, but you have to promise not to let your eyes roll so far back that they get stuck; you still have the rest of this article to read. Okay — here we go:

“Let the president know, in no uncertain terms, that we are alive, awake, and we are woke.”

You promised! Come back to me!

The bunch sang for about 20 minutes and then split. Also happening: people prancing around in dinosaur and shark costumes. To the sounds of Mission: Impossible.

Yes — it’s that weird.

Find a video of Rosie and the crew singing “America the Beautiful” down below. Look hard, and you’ll spot actor Richard Kind — cousin Andy from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Add some folks claiming Trump is a Russian-colluding racist (they did), and you got yourself a dang party!

Before the rally, Rosie hit the news circuit, appearing on MSNBC’s The Beat. She explained part of her reason for attending the demonstration: Donald Trump has sworn his allegiance to Russia.


“When I watched the Helsinki summit, and I, too, watched our President abandon our nation and be totally the betrayer that he is, I was horrified.”

The actress told host Ari Melber Trump isn’t scared about Russia, because of his dirty little secret: Vladmir installed him into the Oval office.

“And I think the reason he’s not so panicked about Russia is because he knows they are going to try again to do exactly what they did in 2016. Although the mainstream media won’t say it yet, they actually gave him the election.”

How would Rosie know what those who are breaking their necks to discover can’t find any evidence of?

Doesn’t matter. Not my President! Resist (reality)!

O’Donnel said she’s not alone. She’s right.

“I believe that firmly, and I think a lot of people do.  I think the media is a little bit slow in coming around to where the people actually are. It took you guys a long time to call him a liar, and the man’s been lying every day since he’s been in office.”

It took the media a long time to call him a liar???? Does she mean since time began, or since Donald Trump declared himself a Republican??

Either way, to Rosie, America’s Commander-in-Chief has solemnly vowed to serve Russia.

“So, you know, I think Helsinki was the last straw for a lot of people. It was like, ‘Forget it. You can’t get more blatant than he did right there.’ Swore his allegiance to Russia, not to his own country.”

Psssst. Give us some talk of impeachment.

“And I believe he should be impeached.”

There ya go.

“I’m sickened by Congress that doesn’t call for articles of impeachment, when we have so much evidence of his horrible high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Robert Mueller, take note: Rosie has “so much” evidence of the President’s “horrible high crimes and misdemeanors.” You haven’t been able to find any. But Special Counsel O’Donnel is bustin’ with it.

Rosie also said it isn’t personal.

“So it’s not really that I want to be proven right. But people thought we had a feud. I’ve never spoken to the man. He was on my show once as a sweeper when I was making money, but I never spoke to him in my life. And what he did, the way he…tried to change what the public opinion of me was with the help of The National Enquirer and Fox News, is exactly what he’s done since he’s been in office…”

No feud? Let’s review:

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