On Tuesday, billionaire Bill Gates…

Let me say that one more time, if for no other reason, for myself…

Billionaire Bill Gates…

That would be, billion.

How much is a billion? It’s one thousand million.

Anyway, billionaire Bill endorsed an increase in gas prices in Washington state.

Does a billionaire ever have any business telling regular people to pay more money?

The Microsoft founder threw his support behind a carbon emissions fee in order to fight the planetary threat of global warming.

He explained in a blog post:

“Here in Washington state, climate change is on the ballot. If Initiative 1631 passes in November, it will create a fee on emissions that cause climate change, with the goal of boosting the effort to stop the planet from getting disastrously warm.”

If the bill passes, a fee of $15 per metric ton of carbon emissions will be heaped upon utilities and refineries. Yearly $2 increases will follow.

According to Resources for the Future, the price of gas will subsequently rise by 13 cents per gallon.

As I understand it, Bill and his wife are extremely generous. In fact, he’s putting some money where his mouth is on the issue:

“I am involved with a private fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, that is investing more than $1 billion to help entrepreneurs start new companies that will develop those breakthroughs.”

However, until he and Melinda give away every dime above the average American annual household income of $48,000, in my opinion, they have no place telling others to pay more in (essentially) taxes. Advocating for tax hikes doesn’t strike me as palatable when the people are living in a $125 million home.

Furthermore, let’s all remember the dependability of climate experts. From Newsweek, April 28, 1975:


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