Call it kismet.

On Friday, California’s wildfires had a much-unanticipated effect this week: it brought (increasingly politically winceworthy actress) Alyssa Milano and rockin’ Republican James Woods together for a noble cause. Really, it was James who was noble. Perhaps that fact will have a positive impact on Alyssa.

To borrow from Andy Griffith: What it was, was fires.

Here’s the embarrassingly biased coverage of Yahoo “News”:

“Outspoken conservative actor James Woods took a break from sending controversial tweets and turned his Twitter page into a place where people can get word out about missing loved ones, or for anyone seeking help for their animals.”

Note: When someone tweets conservative ideas, it’s “controversial.”

Let’s see if they say Alyssa — who’s tweeted the F word to the President of the United States and made a huge goob of herself during the Kavanaugh hearings (here and here) — is controversial, too:

“The Casino star even reached across the aisle when political-foe Alyssa Milano needed shelter for her five horses.”


Anyway, here’s the glorious play-by-play. James was on Twitter, admirably helping out like a boss during Southern California’s burning sensation:

Kudos to James. That’s a man!

Alyssa had tweeted out a request for help, and James was right there with some smart advice:

And…more expert guidance:

What a great guy. No political stuff, just a helpful and gentlemanly assist to (so far as I understand) a stranger in need. To save horses.

A follower asked James why in the world he’d help Alyssa. He did our side proud:

Milano reported that her horses were safe. She even made a statement that took me back to the old Alyssa, the one who was polite, free of an apparent messiah complex (here), and not at all unhinged:

She’s right. I hope she stays right. And James is a hero — he was looking out for others in the community, and he represented red state America honorably. Thank you, James; we need more like you. Maybe you and Alyssa can get coffee. And some of your good sense will rub off.

Either way, it’s a great story for a great Saturday. Hope yours is free of fires and happy as safe horses. And inspired by James Woods’s good deed. Mine is.


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