What in the WORLD?

At the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, an 11-year-old was asked to stand with his class for the Pledge of Allegiance.

He refused, because — here it comes —

the flag is racist against black Americans.

That’s what the Left have taught a fifth (or fourth?) grader.

Way to go, goobs.

[I’m reminded of this.]

In her recap to the school district, the teacher says she asked the child “why, if it was so bad here, he did not go to another place to live.”

His response? “They brought me here.”

That’s a decent response, actually. ‘Cause, ya know, he’s eleven.

“Well you can always go back, because I came here from Cuba, and the day I feel I’m not welcome here anymore, I would find another place to live,” she replied.

After that, she called the office “because [she] did not want to continue dealing with him.”

According to Bay News 9, the child was taken into custody by a school resource officer “because he refused to follow multiple commands, repeatedly called school leaders racist and was disruptive. They said he threatened to get the school resource officer and principal fired and to beat the teacher.”

The kid denies threatening violence.

And his mother, Dhakira Talbot, is mad:

“I’m upset, I’m angry. I’m hurt. More so for my son. My son has never been through anything like this. I feel like this should’ve been handled differently. If any disciplinary action should’ve been taken, it should’ve been with the school. He shouldn’t have been arrested. I want the charges dropped and I want the school to be held accountable for what happened because it shouldn’t have been handled the way it was handled.”

Dhakira’s teamin’ up with the non-profit Poor and Minority Justice Association.

A public relations representative from Polk County Public Schools told Yahoo Lifestyle that pledging to the flag is not required of students — they may opt out with a note from a parent. Oh — and also that the teacher is goofy as h*ll:

“A student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy was arrested after becoming disruptive and refusing to follow repeated instructions of school staff and law enforcement. This incident followed the daily Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom. Unfortunately, a substitute teacher was not aware of this. We are looking into this matter, but this individual will no longer be allowed to substitute at any of our schools. Our HR department will contact Kelly Services (which provides our substitutes) to further refine how our substitutes are trained.”

This is one messed up story. But the thing which sticks out most to me is that, thanks to so many Democrats in Washington, the media, and entertainment (like here), a child living in the greatest country in the world — with the best chances for success in the world — has been lied to by the world. He’s been taught he doesn’t have a chance.

And if that’s what he continues to believe, then he’s right.



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