More Reason to Love It: Chick-fil-A Employee Jumps Out the Window & Saves a Little Boy's Life in the Drive-Thru (Video)

People walk past a new Chick-fil-A restaurant, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 in New York. The Atlanta-based privately held franchise company has more than 1900 restaurants in 41 states and Washington, D.C. The New York franchise, located a few blocks from Times Square, opens Saturday, Oct. 3, marking its push to become a bigger national player. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)</font size>



How great is Chick-fil-A?

Well, not only will they stick to their commitment where faith is concerned — being closed on Sunday — and not only will they provide delicious waffle fries, perfect milkshakes, and the most important pickle in the world…but they’ll also save your child’s life when he’s choking.

On Wednesday in Flowery Branch, Georgia, a restaurant employee looked out the drive-thru window and spotted a struggling 6-year-old in a car in the drive-thru lane. The kid couldn’t breathe!

Hence, Logan Simmons jumped out the window, ran to the car, and took care of business.

The kid’s mom was begging for someone to help save her little boy, whose neck was tangled in a seatbelt.



“You could see he was turning red and losing pigmentation in his face … I just jumped out the window and ran straight down to the car. I think it was the quickest option. It was right there, and I saw the other car right there.”

What’s a handy teenaged sandwich employee to do? This: He whipped out his trusty pocketknife and cut the kid free.

Logan’s own mom recounted to Atlanta’s WSBTV2:

“He’d been home for a couple of hours and he said, nonchalantly, ‘I saved a kid’s life today.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ I’m amazed he didn’t panic. As his mother, I would have panicked. I’d be running around, going, ‘Oh my gosh! What do we do?’”

An hour after the heroic move, the grateful mother of the little boy called to thank Logan again.

So if you needed another reason to love Chick-fil-A, there ya have it.

Enjoy the video above.

Eat Les Chokin



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