Senator Ted Cruz speaks at the George H.W. Bush Commemorative Center in Midland, Texas for a campaign stop Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018. Cruz is on his bus tour campaigning before the mid-term elections. (Mark Rogers/Odessa American via AP)



Last Friday, California continued its intolerance of other states having politics different than its own.

Following Iowa’s failure to bill taxpayers for gender-transition surgeries under Medicaid, Attorney General Xavier Becerra made the “Land Where the Tall Corn Grows” the 11th state on California’s travel ban list.

I thought Democrats are against travel bans?

Anyway, state employees are now prohibited from traveling to nearly a quarter of the United States on the citizenry’s dime.

Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

But — as pointed out by Ted Cruz — for 2020 Democrat hopeful Kamala Harris, it ain’t so good.

Ladies and gentleman, note the political footshot:

The Daily Wire observes that Iowa hosts “the first nominating contest in the Democratic Party presidential primaries.”

It’s interesting how the same legislation can be framed so differently. This was Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’s description of House File 766:

“This narrow provision simply clarifies that Iowa’s Civil Rights Act does not require taxpayer dollars to pay for sex reassignment and other similar surgeries. This returns us to what had been the state’s position for years.”

Contrast that with AG Xavier’s sum-up:

“The Iowa Legislature has reversed course on what was settled law under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, repealing protections for those seeking gender-affirming healthcare. California has taken an unambiguous stand against discrimination and government actions that would enable it. That’s why my office is adding Iowa to the list of states subject to state-funded or sponsored travel restrictions.”

Shouldn’t the Left Coast state help one of its own? Kamala could use it.

More from The Daily Wire:

Harris has enough troubles of her own without being banned from traveling to Iowa; her poll numbers plunged right after Rep. Tulsi Gabbard slammed her at a Democratic presidential debate and haven’t recovered; she’s hovering at a puny 6.2% in the RealClearPolitics average.

Oh, well.

As for the Medicaid regulation, at least one Twitter user gave Iowa’s governor a high-five, and she even provided her street cred:



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