She Just 'Woke' Up: Hillary Compares Staying in Her Marriage to Affirming a Transgender Child. Clinton 2020?

FILE – In this Oct. 18, 2011, file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her Blackberry from a desk inside a C-17 military plane upon her departure from Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, bound for Tripoli, Libya. Newly released emails show a 2009 request to issue a secure government smartphone to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was denied by the National Security Agency. (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File)



Youngsters such as former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may hardly know who Hillary Clinton even is, but the seasoned media love her.

And right now, she’s hitting the talk show circuit to support her new book and tell everyone Donald Trump isn’t actually the president (here and here).

Which means, oddly, she’s telling everyone she actually is.

But recently, the previous presidential candidate had something else to say — about makin’ like Tammy Wynette.

As reported by The Daily Wire, On Good Morning America Tuesday, she recalled the “gutsiest” move of her life — to stay with Bill Clinton despite his infidelity:

“Oh, boy, I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done, well, personally — make the decision to stay in my marriage.”

During a stop off at The View later in the week, she dived deeper.

“You know, for some people that I’ve known the right thing was take your kids and go, clean out your bank accounts, don’t look back. For other people, you know, get into a negotiation and figure out whether you want to stay. In my case, after really hard, hard thinking about it, counseling, praying, all the things that I did and that we went through, I just decided it was the right decision for me but that doesn’t mean it was an easy decision. It was a really hard decision.”

Then things took an unexpected turn.



Perhaps she thought it was a good opportunity to don they now her woke apparel.

She ain’t no old lady — she’s hip, man. She knows what time it is, bro — catch you on the flip side, homeslice. She can dig it:

“Sometimes, when your child has an issue — I had a friend a few years ago who called up and said ‘I don’t know who to talk to about this, but my little girl wants to be a boy. What do I do?’ And, you know, several of us kind of — we didn’t know what to do, we never had a friend who’d faced that before. Several of us kind of read everything and talked to people and gave her advice and it was really gutsy for her to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to respect the feelings of my child, as hard as it is for me to understand this.’”


Score, New Era Hil.

Wait — what were we talking about? Oh, yeah — the befoulment of her marriage. She really parlayed that one — touché.

She continued:

“So, I think when the question was asked, personally, everybody faces a moment of decision, and you have to reach deep down inside and decide what’s right for you to do and hopefully it’s reached with love and understanding.”

Sounds good.

The former First Lady just might be trying to let the young folks know she’s with it because she’s gonna slide on into the 2020 race.

Honestly, I believe she could do that now and get more votes than can Elizabeth Warren.

Plus, as I’ve indicated lately, Trump will absolutely eat Elizabeth alive on the debate stage (here). Hillary’s more fierce –she’s got some animal in her.

Elizabeth’s like the lady Tweety Bird lives with.

And I think we all know which character’s Donald Trump:

We’ve still got a year ’til the levers are pulled. The Dems have chosen to destroy Biden with their push for Ukraine-enabling impeachment.

Warren’s a no-go.

Could Hillary make the move?

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