Students Trying to Advertise Ben Shapiro's Upcoming Stanford Speech are 'Mobbed,' Blocked, and Encouraged to Perform an Unmentionable Act

Controversial conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire and former editor-at-large of Breitbart News, addresses the student group Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Utah’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Lecture Hall, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. Shapiro uses his web-based talk show and online columns to support President Donald Trump’s policies and criticize the “self-righteous media.” (Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP, Pool)



People continue to freak out over little ol’ Jewish Nazi Ben Shapiro.

In anticipation of his much-feared goose step parade to Richard Wagner tunes — I mean, his appearance — at Stanford University next week (see here), Young America’s Foundation attempted to score a Perfect 10 in promotion by hanging signs.

But nein, nein, nein!! They were blocked and heckled by outraged activists.

Furthermore, the “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” posters they managed to put up were vandalized or removed.

Ahhh, the euphoria of goofiness.

As reported by The Daily Wire, even the school’s staff got high on the hijinks:

A few hours after hanging up some posters at Nordelfa dorm, the conservative students say they found that the posters had vanished. In their place was a highly suggestive note signed by the Nordelfa staff.

“We, the Nordelfa staff, care about you, your feelings, your physical and emotional health,” reads the notice, a photograph of which YAF published Monday. “We welcome and center the voices that some way wish to specifically marginalize and target in that we support black people, people of color, non-binary folks, LGBTQIA folks, Muslims and Jews.”

If I may say so, this word “marginalized” seems to be frequently used in place of the more accurate “marginal.”

What I mean is, if I like my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with tomatoes, that is a marginal preference: It’s not like the preferences of most. That’s a different thing from being marginalized. That word suggests someone is doing something to me. If someone (and surely we all qualify in one way or another) is part of a small group — whether due to choices or immutable qualities — that doesn’t necessarily mean they are being transgressed by others.

Anyway, it seems the Nordelfa staff may not realize Ben is a Friend of Abraham.

Furthermore, their sign appears to perhaps suggest all are not welcome at Shapiro’s shindig.

It seems to me if they’re going to champion diversity, thought would be a great area in which to do so, which should leave Ben the recipient of open arms.

Such wasn’t the case for YFA.

More from TDW:

According to the president of the student organization, when they attempted to enter a “Hispanic-focused” dorm, Casa Zapata, the group found themselves blocked from entering.

“A jeering mob assembled to block us from entering the dorm,” the conservative group’s president, Stephen Sills, told YAF. “We were turned away from the door exclusively because we were postering for the Ben Shapiro lecture.” Sills also notes that when he asked to speak to the resident fellow of the dorm, he was told to go “suck a d***.’”

Yeah — not so open.

But such is the state of today’s tolerance, the woke way, and the deviation of dipstick diversity.



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