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Former President Bill Clinton pauses while speaking during a campaign stop for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016, at the West End Community Development Center in Greenville, S.C. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)[/caption]



Is she going to do it?

Is she going to look square into the face of Donald “Dirty Harry” Trump and make his day?

On Tuesday, arsonist lumberjack Hillary threw logs on the fire of speculation she’ll join the 2020 race.

While speaking with BBC Radio 5 Live, she threw out this attention-getter:

“I — as I say, ‘Never, never, never say never.’ I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it.”

And why shouldn’t she? Heck, the only reason she lost last time was Trump’s Russia crime. And racism. And sexism. And 10-year-old hackers.

So why not join in? Michael Bloomberg has.

Beto’s out, Cory Booker doesn’t have a shot, Bernie’s talks too much socialism, Kamala’s numbers aren’t there, Biden’s been damaged by Impeachment Mania, and Elizabeth stands no chance against Trump in a debate.

Plus, this is how many people showed up for the female frontrunner in South Carolina:

The table’s all been set, with a chair at the head with Hillary’s name on it.

What do the Democrats have to lose, other than the election (again)?

As I’ve said before, though, Clinton appears to have awakened every day since November of 2016 chanting “I won” ’til bedtime. If she goes up against The Donald and doesn’t get the White House, the unlucky loser will seem to have proven all her claims wrong about that first dastardly Trumpian upset.

But on the other hand, there’s still time to make all her assertions seem true.

And husband Bill isn’t saying never, either, as he lobbed this one to a crowd at Georgetown University Law School on October 30th:

“She may or may not run for anything, but I’m never running for president again.”

And as I covered on the 10th, former Hillary advisor Mark Penn said the toss of her hat could make a lot of sense. Maybe, he theorized, she’s thinking this exact thing:

“‘Wow — the field’s weak. I could come in. I could get 165,000 donors. I’m tied with [Joe] Biden in some of these early states…’ There’s still a political logic there for her.”

According to The New York Times, that’s likely what’s going through her White House-wantin’ head:

Democrats who have recently spoken with Mrs. Clinton say she shares the same concerns other party elites have about the field — worried about Mr. Biden’s durability, Ms. Warren’s liberal politics and unsure of who else can emerge to take on Mr. Trump.

Another day, another sign she might do it.

Stay tuned…things could get very interesting. Very quickly.



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