Do you ever shop for lingerie and find yourself thinking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

I don’t, either.

I guess the folks over at the bra company Harper Wilde think we do, though, and have created a bra to celebrate their bosom buddy RBG- Supreme Court justice and titular head of the women’s movement.

Here they are sharing the bra on Instagram with a little bit about the meaning behind it.

I would hope that Supreme Court justices would be chosen for their knowledge of and love for the Constitution rather than their body parts (also, somebody should tell RBG that gender isn’t a thing anymore, right?), skin color, sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant factor. It comes as no surprise at all that those on the left disagree. They don’t particularly like hanging with original intent.

Let’s talk about all the good this bra will do. 5% of proceeds will go to support She Should Run, an organization that helps women run for office (for comparison, they donated 50% of the proceeds from their abortion bra). The other 95%, presumably, will go to Harper Wilde. For the purposes of capitalism. Do they think we’re a bunch of uneducated boobs who won’t notice that?

Hopefully the bra is more supportive of women than they are.