Ilhan Omar's Excuses for Her Latest Controversy Don't Add Up

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., listens as Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russell Vought testifies before the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, during a hearing on the fiscal year 2020 budget. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Yesterday, it was noted that something strange happened on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Twitter account. Namely, that she deleted a tweet from seven years ago in which she wished her father a happy Father’s Day. My colleague Elizabeth Vaughn wrote about the initial incident, which you can read here.

This would all seem inauspicious if not for the content involved.

The math is simple. Omar acknowledges in her old tweet that Nur Said was her father. Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was Omar’s mysterious, past husband. In Arabic, the father’s name is the middle name you see here, i.e. Nur Said. Are we really supposed to keep thinking all of this is coincidence?

Omar apparently thinks so, as she put out this statement in response.


The Experts Who Cried Wolf

So she was calling her father Nur Said as a nickname? Let’s note that is not something that typically happens in Arabic households, where respect and tradition are king. You don’t call a father a completely different name in public, preceded by aabo (which means father), in a formal formatting if that’s not actually his name. You especially don’t do that in a traditional Muslim household, which Omar was a part of. What “doctored” images is she even talking about? I couldn’t find any proof of that. The threats angle is also weak. If she receives constant threats, why wait until someone points out the discrepancy involving her marrying her brother to run and delete it?

None of this makes any sense at all.

This isn’t going to just go away, nor should it. There’s not just smoke here, there’s fires burning out in the open. Omar has spent years deleting social media posts and purging her online presence. This was long before she even had a major public profile after 2018. She wasn’t doing that because of “death threats” or any other nonsensical excuses. She was covering something up and she continues to do so.

Even the naming conventions that Omar claims don’t add up. It’s all very confusing (no doubt by design) but you can read about some of glaring red flags here going all the way back to 2016 investigative reporting. Why did her father change his name? Why did he go by Nur Said on Omar’s sister’s marriage certificate? Where’d the name Omar even come from? No one can seem to find any other relatives that go by that name.

Everything here is pointing to immigration fraud and more and more evidence is mounting that she married her brother. The mainstream press won’t touch this and it’s a testament to how useless they are. If a Republican were caught up in something like this, there would be a dozen reporters from The Washington Post alone assigned to digging deeper. Instead, Omar is allowed to obfuscate, refuse to answer questions, and pretend like nothing is suspect. Eventually the truth is going to come out though.


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