BREAKING: Andrew McCabe Will Not Face Charges

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This is one of those times you hope “sources” are wrong (UPDATE: it’s been confirmed) because, if this is true, it’s going to destroy any chance of the FBI and DOJ regaining their credibility.

Right in the middle of a national dust-up over Roger Stone supposedly deserving nine years in prison, news is coming across the wire that former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe will not face charges for blatantly lying to the FBI (something he admitted to and was fired over).

This per The Washington Post.

The Justice Department will not bring charges against former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators about a media disclosure, according to people familiar with the matter and McCabe’s legal team, ending a long-running inquiry into a top law enforcement official who authorized the bureau to investigate President Trump and soon became the commander in chief’s political punching bag.

The department revealed the decision to McCabe’s team on Friday; it was unclear if there were other plans to make it public. The move will surely infuriate Trump, who has raged publicly and privately in recent months that McCabe and others he considers political enemies should be charged with crimes.

Let’s be clear. Andrew McCabe not only lied to investigators, something others have been put in jail over throughout this Trump-Russia saga, but he then admitted he did so in a later interview. There is no question he’s guilty. There’s no question of his intent either, at least not any more than Michael Flynn’s intent (which was much, much more in doubt).

Yet, according to this report, McCabe just gets to skate. He gets to go back on CNN and bloviate in a partisan manner, having not been charged for the very crime he destroyed others’ lives with. It’s insane and it might as well be a flashing neon sign proclaiming the death of objectivity in our legal system.


Here’s the confirmation letter.


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