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During Super Tuesday two RedState voices take on the mayhem with aplomb…and with Kentucky’s finest.

Last night as the massive primary sweep took place across the country two RedState fixtures went on the air to cover the epic contests. Thomas LaDuke and Brad Slager sat in on ”The Jenn and Rick Show’’ on KLRN Radio for a roundtable discussion throughout the night.

We discussed all facets concerning the campaign, both the important and the frivolous, but mostly the amusing. Speculation ran around how much of a fix was in for Biden and what could possibly transpire should Bernie Sanders get the expected fix set upon him by the DNC. And it seems Scranton Pennsylvania will become Ground Zero for the election this year.

Everything was tossed on the table as we followed the results, from Biden learning how to read, to Sanders getting railroaded, and that Biden had gaffes in real-time while we were on the air. In between some field reports from CPAC we speculated on Michael Bloomberg’s poor investment choices, and we were also surprised to learn that on Tulsi Gabbard’s social media accounts there were written words.

Pour a stiff drink and find a soft lounge chair to savor elixir in crystal and behold wisdom delivered with silver tongues.


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