New York’s Muslim population will soon be seeing a new kind of patrol car on their streets. It looks just like an official NYC police cruiser, complete with all the police decals and lights at the top. The only difference is that they aren’t police at all despite the lookalike patrol cars and the strangely official-looking uniforms.

They call themselves the “Muslim Community Patrol & Services” (MCPS), and it’s Vice-President Noor Rabah describes it as “like a neighborhood watch but on steroids.”

According to the New York Times, the Muslim Community Patrol has thirty members and a soon to be fleet of five patrol cars that look like official NYPD cruisers in almost every way. However, the MCPS will have no official law enforcement abilities.

Their duties involve watching over the Muslim Community from people who may seek to do harm to Muslims within the Brooklyn area.

The NTY told the story of one member who joined after “Punish a Muslim Day” saw a number of anti-Muslim events happen in England:

Leaders of the MCPS told the Times that the group is “self-funded and used donations to purchase the cars and navy blue uniforms for its members,” who then go out and patrol Muslim areas in shifts to patrol Islamic schools and mosques. However, the group says that its services aren’t just available to Muslims, but to anyone.