The Hill Has Taken Its Anti-Trump Bias Too Far With Tweet Containing a Blatantly False Narrative

Guatemalan immigrant Amariliz Ortiz joins families impacted by the immigration raids during a rally calling on the Obama Administration to protect Central American women and children seeking refuge in the United States. (AP Photo / Nick Ut)

I used to think Trump Derangement Syndrome was fake, but over the past year, I’m not so sure anymore. Media outlets have dropped all attempts at trying to hide their bias, and The Hill has recently released an article that may even cause CNN to say it’s a bit much.

On Wednesday, The Hill released a tweet that read “JUST IN: Trump administration to send migrant children to former Japanese internment camp.”

I can tell you as a guy who has been doing this for years that the funny thing about social media is that many don’t need to click on the article. Good copy on a tweet is usually good enough for many, and instead of clicking on the article for more information they’ll retweet it to followers who in turn don’t click on the article.

A tweet’s worth of news begins circulating, biases are confirmed, and a narrative is set. I can tell you that if I know how it works then the Hill does too. It’s a safe assumption to make, and we can safely make that assumption because the headline of the article itself gives us a bit more context than the tweet lets on.

The article is titled “Trump administration to send migrant children to Army base once used as Japanese internment camp.” Upon reading the article you learn a few things.

For one, there is an overflow of migrant children at the border and they’re running out of room in the facilities they currently have. As such, they’re sending these children to an army base. This army base just so happened to be one that housed Japanese people during WW2.

You also learn that it was also used by Obama for the same purposes during his time as President in 2014.

First off, The Hill buried a gigantic lede here, and it’s that we have an overflow of children at the border thanks to a migrant crisis it’s trying not to acknowledge. That would have been the more important news item, yet that’s not how The Hill sold it to us.

The Hill knowingly put out a tweet that tied Trump to the spirit of illegal detainment of Japanese-Americans during WW2 in an effort to make his actions at the border seem all the more racist. The Hill doesn’t give you even half the context of the story in the tweet despite having plenty of room within the tweet to do so.

As of this writing, The Hill has enjoyed its tweet being retweeted 334 times. Luckily, it’s currently being soundly ratio’d by people calling the publication out for its blatant attempt at narrative driving.

That’s all well and good, but the damage is done. The narrative has been tossed into the ether and people will now believe that Trump is doing something truly malicious to immigrant children.

Meanwhile, leftist activists and politicians are currently up in arms over the dissemination of fake news from the right, and once again we see the left’s unofficial motto at work.

“It’s okay when we do it.”