As the immigration debate rages on and President Donald Trump is consistently put before the media’s proverbial firing squad.

However, one point that is consistently being made is that all of this happened before under the Obama administration. Regardless, this seems to be falling on deaf ears. We’re once again shown that the Democrat’s unofficial motto is “it’s okay when we do it.”

But if the world reminding Democrats that what is happening right now is a simple following of Federal law and not the actions of a Hitler come again, then perhaps the man that they once followed blindly can talk some sense into them.

As pointed out by the Washington Examiner, in 2014, then President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with ABC News to discuss the border crisis his administration was facing at the time. Obama explained that as children come across the border there’s a system in place that processes and cares for them.

The message Obama wanted to impart was clear: “Absolutely don’t send your children.”

Obama even mentioned the fact that child trafficking had become a serious problem, and that if a child did make it into the country and was caught that they would be sent back, but there was no guarantee they’d make it.

This is the sad reality at the border right now. Children are put through awful conditions in order to be sent to the United States for a better life. However, the parents are too often not the ones accompanying them. Children are sent with caretakers, who in turn may use the children to smuggle drugs or even sell the children for various purposes. One of the reasons children are separated from the adult they’re with is to make sure that the child is indeed theirs.

According to even CNN, the numbers of child trafficking cases has skyrocketed as well, and thousands of reported cases through the child trafficking hotline:

The National Human Trafficking Hotline shows most reports of human trafficking are from the border states of California (1,323 in 2016) and Texas (670 in 2016).

But when you divide the number of reports by the total population, the District of Columbia actually has the most reported cases of human trafficking per capita, according to data from the NHTH.