The activist left has made it their quest to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages both in an official and unofficial capacity.

In schools, they started with pushing the importance of sex education with the age of the student going down over time and now we’ve arrived at activists wanting to have kids taken from parents if the parents deny any sexual proclivities in their young children at all.

The thinking is, according to LGBT activists, that the sooner you introduce sex and sexuality to a child then the more accepting and kind he’ll be to people who are different in the future. The problem is that it’s no longer about acceptance or tolerance, it’s about roping children in.

According to HuffPo, a now-deleted Twitter account had asked Pride parade-goers to leave their kinds and nudity at home for the sake of the children. This apparently upset many members of the LGBT community who then mobbed the account into deletion.

It did spark up a conversation and according to some activists, seeing that kind of thing is good for kids.