Here's Proof that the Right Respects the Environment More than the Left Does

Climate activists demonstrate in Paris, Saturday, Dec.12, 2015 during the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Several environmental and human rights groups are planning protests around Paris to call attention to populations threatened by man-made global warming and urge an end to human use of oil, gas and coal. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

The left’s cult of environmentalism sure is loud and flashy, but despite all their efforts to “bring awareness” of their church’s doctrines to the public, it doesn’t seem to make one bit of difference. In fact, we could venture to guess that a lot of what these climate alarmists are doing is harmful to the environment.

Meanwhile, the right seems far more responsible and helpful when it comes to the environment.

Some perfect examples are the protests themselves. As a Daily Caller reporter pointed out in a man on the street interview-style video at the Climate Strike in D.C., many of the protesters who show up at these kinds of rallies get there by burning fossil fuels in jets and cars while holding signs that were made by cutting down trees. They also utilize plastics, which are harmful to the environment to both make and dispose of.

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Not to mention the fact that during these events, protesters will do stupid things that harm the environment for reasons I’m not sure about. In D.C., they stall traffic by blocking roadways which keeps those cars on the road burning more fuel to stay on and backing up traffic to multiply the problem.

They also, for some reason, decided to set a dumpster fire that spews smoke and fumes from what’s burned in there while complaining that the world is on fire and needs to be put out. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

Climate activists are also notorious for leaving behind tons of trash during their protests. Even the pipeline protests, which were supposed to be purposed for combatting the supposedly environmentally damaging pipelines, left behind so much trash and waste that the land was actually that was deemed a “sensitive wildlife habitat” was destroyed.

As of this writing, the climate protest in D.C. features a twerking man that is being sprinkled with confetti, which is being left on the ground. That’s not activism, that’s littering.

All the while, these climate protesters continue to live lavish lifestyles of consumerism, waste, and convenience, even as they complain about how everyone else is screwing up the planet. Even the elite who push climate change alarmism live these lifestyles while flying to climate summits and events by taking private jets, burning an immense amount of fuel.

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They demonize capitalism as the reason this is happening, but forget that capitalism is the system capable of the most technological progression which can then help us develop better ways of obtaining energy. They want you to cut back on your consumption of various foods, such as beef but hold BBQs for photo ops.

As the hypocritical complaining from the left gets wild attention from media and politicians, the right is actually doing what’s necessary to help the environment.

I’ve seen the right push for nuclear energy, which is far cleaner and creates way less waste. It’s far more environmentally safe than even solar and wind power, which requires massive amounts of rare earth metals to be dug out of mountains and swaths of land to be destroyed and repurposed for their implementation. And that’s all before it begins killing the wildlife.

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Unlike the left, which believes the government will magically fix all of the world’s problems, the right believes in the ingenuity and gumption of brilliant minds to create new or improved energy sources through the free exchange of ideas and market forces of capitalism.

In terms of everyday help, the right in general smiles on the act of hunting, which when done in moderation actually helps the environment by keeping populations at manageable levels. In Texas, we hunt the wild hogs that breed very quickly, and with few natural predators, it’s up to humans to keep these populations low so that they don’t destroy the land and ruin the lives of the surrounding wildlife. Conservationism is part of the game, not just the blood sport the left makes hunting out to be.

What’s more, while the left is busy littering while it complains about environmental damage, right-wing groups are actually going out and cleaning things up. Scott Pressler, who has been demonized by the leftist media, has led a cleanup effort that picked up streets so trashed that they became environmental hazards.

As politicians and big-name activists like Al Sharpton gave speeches about how Trump was racist for noting that Baltimore was indeed a rat-infested, trash ridden city, Pressler was there with a large team fixing the problem.

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Now, Pressler’s volunteer group is cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles.

See the difference? While the left complains about the environment while it burns and litters, the right is doing the work of picking up the litter.

After all of this, one of the biggest differences in how the left and the right handle the environment comes at the intellectual level. According to the left, climate change is happening and we’re not allowed to question it beyond that. Just get on board with whatever solutions are being proposed and don’t you dare speak out against it in any way.

The right, however, doesn’t think the science is settled. It wants more conversation, more study, and less sensationalism. It wants to hear all the angles, not just one.

And why shouldn’t it? Stories continue to come out that defy climate alarmism narratives. We’ve been told the world is going to end in a decade for decades. We’ve been told the ice caps are melting when many are actually growing. We’re hearing about how our planet is on fire when new greenery has been growing where it hasn’t before, essentially increasing Earth’s vegetation in what’s called a “global greening.”

Even noted climate scientists laugh at the environmental doomsday predictions of agenda-driven politicians and scientists, calling their predictions borderline impossible.

As far as I can tell, the left likes to tout itself as the savior of the global environment, but I only see it hurting it while using sensationalism to push agendas. Meanwhile, I see the right grounding itself in reality and actually helping fix problems.