The New York Times reports that the Trump-Christie ticket that some suspected was the driving force behind Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump, is stuck in the BridgegGate scandal trial traffic. The twice postponed BridgeGate trial is now scheduled for September — during the final months of the presidential election:

The trial will dredge up nagging questions and allegations about how he runs his office, meaning that voters will be bombarded in the eight weeks before Election Day with accusations of bullying, using government resources for political gain and a win-at-all-costs culture.

That should rule out any presidential nominee choosing Christie as a running mate. Christie sort of denies that he is fishing for a job in with a President Trump. According to the Times, Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts, in response to questions about whether Christie would be interested in any role in a Trump administration, emailed the text of Christie remarks earlier this month:

Christie is not on trial in the BridgeGate, but in some ways his administration is. Two of Christie’s former top aides face nine counts, including conspiracy to commit fraud, in an alleged scheme to exact political revenge by creating a horrific traffic jam to punish a mayor who dared to not endorse Christie during his 2013 re-election campaign, and then cover it up. A third Christie aide coped a plea and is expected to testify against them.