The New York Post reports that key members of Donald Trump’s New York state organization were shocked by the Donald’s attack on Ted Cruz’s wife:

“Everyone has been waiting for months for Donald to become more presidential, and unfortunately, he appears to be going in the opposite direction,’’ one of Trump’s most prominent New York supporters told The Post.

We understood in the early days when he was trying to differentiate himself from the rest of the pack of candidates that he had to do certain things, but why is he now doubling down on that sort of crap, starting with his talking about the size of his penis and now ending up attacking Cruz’s wife.

Trump has often said he will be presidential. The first time was back on January 3. Last week CBS News’ Will Rahn asked, will Donald Trump ever seem presidential? The answer appears to be no.

There was a hint of a different Trump at AIPAC where, like Obama, he read a decent speech off a Teleprompter. But it didn’t last long. Shortly thereafter, Trump renewed his War on Women.  There was another Trump Twitter assault on Megyn Kelly, followed by a rambling interview with the Washington Post editorial board where he kept talking about the size of his hands, and then there were the Donald’s vicious and troubling attacks on Heidi Cruz.

Trump supporters should be worried. Even if Trump manages to win the GOP nomination, With his losing war on women there is little chance Trump will be able to beat Hillary.