An internal Trump campaign memo, written by Trump campaign senior adviser Barry Bennett and dated April 2, whines about the media’s reporting on presidential candidate Trump’s worst week yet:

So this week the Media and the Washington Establishment bashed the campaign with energy yet ever seen against a Republican candidate.  You name the medium and it was dominated with Trump attacks. The Media themselves couldn’t wait to label the week, “THE WORST WEEK EVER.”

DC Pundits scurried to the networks to proclaim the end was at hand Donald Trump.

Yet another pathetic display by the so called experts who line their pockets at the expense of our candidates and causes.

Bennett then puts on a thick pair of rose-colored glasses and claims it was a good week for the Trump campaign because Reuters tracking poll showed them gaining support. You can read the whole thing here.

Bennett whined even more when the Washington post spoke with him about the memo.

“Personally, it’s been a very hard time. You’ve got Republicans in Washington saying they’re keeping lists of people who work for Mr. Trump, who say you’ll never work in this town again,” Bennett said in a brief interview. “My point is that people should be pumped that the establishment is spinning.”

[. . .]

“The press is printing the narrative that the Republican establishment is setting. What’s necessary — what I’m saying here — is that we can’t let that influence how we see ourselves.”

So in the end, it’s apparent that Bennett’s whining was an attempt to buck up the campaign’s forces to be better able to withstand the media’s intensified negativity about Trump’s now floundering campaign.

During his appearance on Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press, “The Donald tried to play the victim telling host John Dickerson,”I will tell you when we meet at the convention. We’ll see how we’re treated. I want to see how we’re treated. I want to see how we’re treated. Look, I signed a pledge. They wanted me to sign the pledge. And I’m the one that’s being discriminated against.”

Victimhood does not become the billionaire nor his campaign.