Sore loser Donald Trump supporters protested selection of 34 Ted Cruz delegates for Colorado’s delegation to the Republican national convention, chanting “Stop the Steal” on Friday at the  Colorado Capitol:

The crowd chanted “stop the steal,” claiming the republican establishment is working to steal the race from Trump.

Organizers of the rally demanded the state GOP party hold another straw poll and change the way delegates are bound.

The Sore Trump losers ignorantly whined that Coloradans didn’t get to vote:

 “We want a voice. We want a vote,” said Matt Behrens, 34, of Arvada. “This is not about who won the state of Colorado. It’s about the fact that Coloradans did not get to vote. The fact that we had no vote at all.”

They don’t even understand that in fact 65,000 Coloradans did vote in the seven caucuses/conventions held in Colorado to select the delegates. Sen. Ted Cruz explained it during the April 11 edition of the John and Ken Show:

CRUZ: And then in Colorado. Seven in each of the congressional districts, and then one at their state convention.

HOST: So what are these? Delegate conventions?

CRUZ: They were Congressional conventions in each of the districts that came and voted for the delegates. At stake were 34 delegates and we won all 34. A total of about 65,000 people voted in Colorado. So when Donald is screaming about the election being stolen from him, what he means is the people when they go to the ballot box are voting against him and it makes him angry.

HOST: So people showed up at these seven Congressional conventions to vote for delegates?

CRUZ: Correct. There was a whole series of elections, and people showed up and they elected their delegates. 34 delegates were elected all together. We won 34, Trump won 0… He has now lost eleven elections in a row in four states. So he is scared and he attacks.

The Colorado rules the sore Trump losers protest about were adopted last August and available online in September. The Cruz campaign used them to maximum advantage. The Trump campaign didn’t. Instead Trump’s new delegate charmer refers to the Cruz campaign’s winning effort as “Gestapo tactics.” Trump needs to learn the rules and how to play by them.