Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the New York Democrats’ primary. This is no surprise as the Real Clear Politics Average  for the New York Democratic Presidential Primary had Hillary ahead of Bernie Sanders by 11.7 points — 53.1% to 41.4%.

Hillary had not beaten Bernie Sanders in a primary contest since the Arizona primary on March 22 — losing seven of the last eight primary contests before tonight’s victory in New York. Because of Hillary’s losing streak the Democrats’ New York primary became much more contentious as Hillary and Bernie went after each other during last week’s debate in Brooklyn, the so-called “Brooklyn Brawl.”

Despite all those loses, Hillary maintained a solid lead in the number of delegates 1,758 to Sanders’ 1,076 before New York’s delegates are allocated. Hillary’s large lead is due in no small part to the Super Delegates the Democrats use to make sure the Democrats’ Establishment choice wins. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democrats’ presidential nomination.

Trailing badly in the delegate count, Sanders desperately needed a big win tonight. His failure to accomplish that will renew Hillary’s, on again off again, inevitability argument. Hillary can now pivot her campaign to go after Donald Trump.