Portrait of Booker T. Washington by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Georgetown University student activists are pushing to create a reparations fund for the descendants of slaves, one that would use a student fee to send a message that historical wrongs will not be forgotten — and to prod administrators to move more quickly on what students call a fundamental moral question.

What a bunch of mindless twits. No wonder students today graduate with worthless “studies” degrees, deeply in debt and then wonder why they aren’t being paid what they (believe they) are worth, ending up as social justice baristas.

As I’ve noted previously here and here, nobody living today in the United States, ever was a slave. Nobody living today in the United States, ever owned a slave. These children need to grow up and start focusing on things that matter. While they are at it, perhaps they should dump their “studies” majors and go get a degree in something worthwhile, like oilfield engineering…or maybe even better, go learn how to weld.

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