Twitter is Trump’s Laser Pointer & the Democrats/Media are the Cats

Credit: B. Black Fox

Trump has the Democrats/Media cabal (DMC) on the run…literally. He controls the news cycle. Every Sunday Morning, he decides what the DMC is going to be outraged about for the upcoming week. Then he tweets out that outrageous spark and that starts the news cycle for the week.

Last week was no different. He started off with a tweet about two female Democrat House rookies, known for their anti-American stances. Within three days, he had the leftists so bamboozled, their leader, the Speaker of the House, who had been trying to distance herself from them ended up publicly embracing the America hating foursome. As I mentioned in a previous article, this is going to cost the Democrats in 2020. The titular head of the Democrat party has just aligned with four anti-American legislators who hate those same blue collar workers and the Americana they are part of. In 2020, those blue collar Obama voters who took a chance on Trump in 2016, are gonna be back at the polls…with friends this time, just because of stuff like this.

Trump does this all the time. I can just imagine him upstairs in The Residence telling Miss Melania, “Hold my Big Mac and watch this.” He uses his rapid fire tweets to stay ahead of his detractors. His fast pace keeps him continually inside the DMC decision cycle. He’s using his twitter account like a laser pointer and the DMC, the cats, are going nuts trying to keep up with the red dot. On more than one occasion, his red dot runs the cats right into the wall. Come to think of it, the cat in the illustration does kind of remind me of Speaker Pelosi.

Special thanks to B. Black Fox who kicked out this illustration in what seemed about 30 seconds.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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