Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., winks as she jokes with other senators on the Senate Banking Committee ahead of a hearing on the nomination of Marvin Goodfriend to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


President Trump’s nickname of “Pocahontas” has inflicted what looks like fatal damage to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to shake it. I can even imagine the flap being mentioned in her obituary one day. “Warren ran in the Democratic presidential primary, but was unable to gain traction in the race due to a running feud with President Trump over her claims of Native American heritage…”

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate appeared on the popular radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” this morning. During the interview, host “Charlemagne tha God” (CTG) doesn’t look like he’s buyin’ what Sen. Warren is sellin’. Warren turned on her best down-home accent, dropped her g’s, but CTG looked unconvinced.

She told her hosts, “I grew up in Oklahoma. I learned about my family the way that most people learn about their families. From my mama, my daddy, my aunts, my uncles. And, it’s what I believe…But I’m not a person of color. I’m not a citizen of a tribe. And I shouldn’t have done it.”

She acts like she has to convince us she’s not a person of color. We’ve known that all along Senator.

CTG asked, “If you had to do it over, would you?”

Warren dismisses that and says, “I can’t go back, but I should. But, what I can do is…” (She rattles off a list of campaign promises, housing, student loans, health)

Uninterested in her promises, CTG asks, “How long did you hold onto that? Because there’s some report that shows you were Native American on your Texas bar license and you were Native American on some documents when you were a professor at Harvard. So, like, why’d you do that?”

She tells him, “It’s what I believed. You know. It’s what I said. It’s what I learned from my family.”

Yeah, you already told us that.

CTG asks, “When did you find out you weren’t?”

Warren doesn’t want to answer that, because she’s always known she wasn’t a Native American. She tries to dodge the question. “You know. It’s. I’m not a person of color. I’m not a citizen of a tribe. And tribal citizenship is an important distinction. And not somethin’ I am. So…”

Mother of God.

CTG wants to know, “Were there any benefits to that?”

Warren answers, “No. Boston Globe did a full investigation. Nothin’ about my family ever affected any job I ever got.”


Finally, CTG says, “You’re kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal, a little bit. Rachel Dolezal was a white woman pretending to be black.”

Warren blames it on her family again. “Well, this is what I learned from my family.”

Good grief.


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(Radio show host and political writer Erick Erickson was suspended from Twitter over the following tweet.)