Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., makes an objection to a Republican argument as the House Oversight and Reform Committee considers whether to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, June 12, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

What’s worse than listening to AOC speak? Listening to her speak when she has a gavel at her disposal.

Tom Homan, former acting director of ICE, appeared at a hearing of the subcommittee of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. It was presided over by AOC, and this time she had a gavel.

The subcommittee was “holding an inquiry into the Trump administration’s decision to stop considering requests from immigrants seeking to defer deportation for medical treatment and other hardships.”

Once again Homan, who is known to speak his mind, is extremely unimpressed with the freshman congresswoman. And once again, the two clashed.

In the clip below, Homan tells AOC, “In my 34 years, I’ve never seen such hate toward a law enforcement agency in my life that you want to abolish them rather than do YOUR job and legislate.”

As he speaks, she is saying, “Mr. Homan, your time is expired. Mr. Homan, your time is expired. Mr. Homan, according to the rules of this committee…” A hand from the person sitting on her left is seen pointing to the gavel, which she picks up and slams down with a look of utter disdain on her face. “Mr. Homan, your time is expired. The chair recognizes Miss Hill.”

Miss Hill says, “Thank you Madame Chair.”

This isn’t the first time the two have clashed. AOC and Homan engaged in a fiery exchange at a subcommittee meeting in July about asylum rules and family separation.

In the clip below, AOC said to Homan, “The recommendation, of the many you recommended, you recommended family separation.”

He replies, “I recommended zero-tolerance. The same as it is with every U.S. citizen parent who gets arrested with their child…If I get arrested for a DUI and I have a young child in the car, I’m going to be separated.”

“With all due respect, legal asylees are not charged with any crime,” she tells him.

Homan tells her, “If you want to seek asylum, then go to a port of entry. Do it the legal way. The attorney general of the United States has made that clear.”

Surprisingly, AOC says “OK” and moves on.

Clearly, Homan gets under her skin. Good for him.