Rand Paul’s opponent, Jack Conway, has ventured outside the United States to raise cash from trial lawyers.Conway headed north, to Canada, for a meeting of trial lawyers from whom he wanted cash.The trial lawyers ponied up. Conway’s campaign said it welcomes support from across the country, which Canada is not.But it wasn’t just Conway. The mob banker from Illinois, Giannoulias, went too and money was raised for these Democrats, most of whom were present:Michael Bennett running ColoradoDick Blumenthal running in ConnecticutRobin Carnahan running in MissouriRoxanne Conlin running in IowaChris Coons running in DelawareBrad Ellsworth running in IndianaLee Fisher running in OhioPaul Hodes running in New HampshireCharlie Melancon running in LouisianaElaine Marshall running in North CarolinaAnd, of course, Harry Reid.Raising money, spending money, and supporting people in the United States is, like with Barack Obama, beneath them. They’d rather hang out with Canadians to raise money from trial lawyers than their own fellow Americans.This is pitiful. We’ve gone from Buddhist temples to actually leaving the United States to raise money for Democrats. And one of them acts like it’s just another part of the country. Um . . . no.