On Sunday, Republican Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, the Senate Republicans’ point man on deficit reduction, went on Fox News Sunday and told Chris Wallace that Senate Republicans will consider tax increases to cut the deficit.

Chambliss’s partner in crime is Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia who added that they’ll tinker with the social security retirement age without any other substantive entitlement reforms.

Democrats are already salivating that they can merge the continuing resolution debate with the debt-ceiling debate. Republicans, scared of a government shutdown and refusing to even consider it, are happy to merge the two knowing it will be hard for conservatives to stand for what leadership aides are spinning as both a shutdown and defaulting on loans.

Conservatives are, therefore, getting played by Republicans leaders in the House. Compounding that, House Republicans are making insignificant spending cuts and refusing to pick a fight over Obamacare. They do not, under any stretch of the imagination, want a government shut down. House Leaders know the only way to shut down Obamacare is to shut down the government and negotiate Obamacare out of existence.

So they’d rather keep Obamacare.

That brings us to the three week continuing resolution. To quote Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap.” House Leaders and Senate Leaders want to drag out the continuing resolution so it can be wrapped into the debt ceiling debate. They think doing so would shut up conservatives and stop all the silly nonsense about cutting spending in a meaningful way.

We must fight this. Below the fold are the names and direct phone numbers of key Republican congressmen in the House. Call each of them. Demand they oppose the three week continuing resolution.

Report back here in the comments with their position.