The Democrats, rallying to the hippies occupying various streets around the country, have seized on a Bloomberg News story about Koch Industries doing business in Iran.

The Democrats want every Republican who has ever taken money from the Kochs to give that money back.

Except there are a few problems. Such as, other than it being a political hit against some right-of-center billiionaires, the story doesn’t seem to have proven or uncovered much of anything.

Koch Industries did not directly do business in Iran. A subsidiary did business in Iran. It was legal at the time to do so. When Koch found out about it, however, it shut it down. No laws were broken in the process of putting people to work.

But wait . . . there’s more.

See, a number of companies kept doing business in Iran. And several of those companies gave thousands of dollars to Democrats. If the GOP needs to give money back to Koch because it did business in Iran, what about all the Democrats?

Oh, and George Soros‘s felony has been upheld in Europe. Shouldn’t the left give back their money to him?

The Bloomberg-Washington Post Debate is coming up. Only the Washington Post has treated the Bloomberg story with any legitimacy. No doubt the GOP is walking into a rigged debate, but it is their choice.

The bigger issue is that again, the left wants to bash the Koch Brothers while ignoring that their own politicians have gotten a lot of money from many companies that stayed in Iran long after Koch stopped doing business there.

While the hippies are out protesting Wall Street, they might want to note the amount of money some major corporations have put into Democrat pockets. Or is this hypocrisy thing all smoke and mirrors?