Senator Tom Coburn is the very first person I ever asked RedState readers to give money to support. We at RedState declared him Senator Trainwreck, endearingly, when he ran for the Senate. His book, Breach of Trust, is one of the best reads on the corrupting nature of Washington, D.C.

Over the past year, with all the budget fights, I’ve said more than my fair share of critical things about Senator Coburn’s positions, but Senator Coburn has never let Washington change him from being a very fine soul. He is leaving the United States Senate early. His prostate cancer has returned. He says his health is not why he is leaving. He will serve through the end of this Congress.

In the past year, we lost a real warrior for life in his Chief of Staff, Mike Schwartz, who succumbed to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Schwartz’s contribution to the fight for life cannot be understated and even in his decline he served as an example for those who struggle. His loss was a great loss to Senator Coburn.

And now we will see our Senator Trainwreck leave Washington and leave behind work still needing to be done. Senator Coburn has been famous for documenting and fighting Washington. Fiscal sanity has been his bridge to keep and he fought for it against overwhelming odds from both Republicans and Democrats.

He will be missed and our prayers are with him and his family for his return to good health. God bless him.

“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
With all the speed ye may;
I, with two more to help me,
Will hold the foe in play.
In yon strait path a thousand
May well be stopped by three:
Now who will stand on either hand,
And keep the bridge with me?”