My most frustrating moments on CNN were during the course of 2009 and early 2010 special elections. In several cases they went to the Democrats. The liberal on with me would make a passionate case that this was a harbinger of future Democratic successes in 2010 and I would be forced to point out that special elections are rarely harbingers of anything.

That is true.

What is also true is that last night in Virginia an endangered species went extinct due to a special election. That would be the coal country Democrats. Last night brought to an end the tenure of all coal country Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly.

What is also interesting is that the GOP turned out in Northern Virginia last night that they did in the gubernatorial race in 2009. Again, I remain skeptical of the results of special elections. But with so much on the line for the Democrats in Virginia, including control of the Virginia State Senate, they fell short. Virginia probably will not now expand Obamacare. Virginia probably will not now see taxes go up.

And though special elections are a different breed, the trend is remarkably consistent since 2010 — Democrats in coal producing areas are going extinct. They simply no longer exist. And the irony is that this is a direct result of Democrat policies.