House Republicans are preparing a continuing resolution to keep the government open. In doing so, they’ve decided to be total sluts for K Street and Wall Street. The Crony Capitalists, emboldened by the Chamber of Commerce’s help during primary season, are doing some very unusual things.

Here’s what I hear is happening.

First, they will reauthorize the Ex-Im bank, which is something K Street is desperate to see happen.

Second, current reports are that they will spend more than the original Paul Ryan — Patti Murray deal that had included a tax hike. However, that is subject to change.

Third, and probably most significantly, they will make sure the continuing resolution expires after the election, but before January. That will free them up to go back for a lame duck session where outgoing members can use their votes to pass amnesty, tax increases, and further extend the Ex-Im bank.

Essentially, just as the Democrats used retiring members of Congress to pass Obamacare since they no longer had to worry about being accountable to voters, Republicans are going to use their members on the other side of an election and no longer accountable to voters to increase federal spending, collaborate on amnesty, and prepare a grab bag of pork fill requests for K Street.

Get ready. It’s coming.