[mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] supports real marriage. He is opposed by gay rights activists who are more and more showing themselves to be little despots. Cruz spoke at the home of Ian Reisner who is both gay and supports homosexual marriage. The gaystapo has decreed that Mr. Reisner’s businesses must be boycotted. He dared to associate with a conservative. Consequently, Mr. Reisner, to protect his business interests in New York, has been forced to apologize for having an untouchable in his home.

The totalitarianism of the gay rights movement is on display more and more. A pizza restauranteur doesn’t want to cater a gay wedding? Burn the business now. A cake baker doesn’t want to bake a cake? Drive the family into the streets. A fire chief thinks homosexuality is a sin? Fire him.

It’s not just that the gay rights movement is unwilling to listen to counter-arguments. It’s that they ruthlessly try to destroy anyone who dissents and now anyone who agrees with their agenda, but who dares to allow dissenters into their homes on unrelated business.

This is totalitarianism. It is Islamic radicalism minus the death cult. It is America in the 21st century.