It is well-known that President Obama has no issue with using executive orders to get his way when Congress won’t do his bidding. Earlier this year, he famously said that he had “a pen and a phone” for when action in the legislative branch stalls or dies altogether. Unsurprisingly, there are members of his own party in Congress who would love for Obama to disregard their own branch of government to push forward with his agenda. One of them is longtime shill for immigration reform Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL-04), who, in a fiery speech from the floor, told Republicans that, as Politico reports, they have until July 4th to produce reform legislation or Obama would act on his own. He also said, using a soccer analogy:

“I gave you the warning three months ago, and now I have no other choice,” he said. “You’re done. You’re done. Leave the field, too many flagrant offenses and unfair attacks. You’re out. Hit the showers. It’s the red card.”

“Your chance to play a role in how immigration and deportation policies are carried out this year are over,” he declared. “Having given ample time to craft legislation, you failed.”

Longtime followers of happenings among the members of the Democratic Party should understand just how commonplace this sort of attitude is. The Constitution and its checks and balances are only there to be obeyed if it is convenient for them. The lust for power and the advancement of their agenda is so great that Democratic members of Congress are all to willing to allow Obama to run roughshod over the powers allotted to Congress if it means achieving one of their policy goals. It’s the politics of “Do something!” and not letting a crisis go to waste at work. Give your Congresman a call or e-mail and tell them to stand up against the kind of tactics Rep. Gutierrez is advocating.

Gutierrez is not alone. Earlier this month, Colorado Senator Mark Udall said basically the same thing. Cory Gardner is his opponent, and as I’ve said before, the CO-Sen race is a dogfight. Help Mr. Gardner out if you can, since Gutierrez is in a safe district if there ever was one.